Sovereignty or Bust?

A Yankee, but he's not in King Arthur's Court.... ............ ..... ........... .......... ....................... .......... ......... ....................... ....... OR IS HE? Go head and click to find out.

Reflections on interchange between Anglo-American relations, metaphysical Sovereignty and a few other tidbits.

The Wearing of the Green

Musings on trying to become my own Greenman in light of my few firmly held convictions. Hail to thee, Mother Earth!

Concerted Cosmological Contrivances

This is a time suck, be warned. I've injected a lot more grey matter into this than other things. What follows is some exegesis of mine. An attempt to untangle my own gut feelings from scholarship I've read, and to try and put things together again. This is all unverified personal gnosis, for those familiar with the terms. From a perspective which waxes Teutonic, I have tried to balance what speaks to me from Celtic and to a greatly diminished return Hellenic culture in my quest to integrate Goddess and God into my life. My belief that the Pantheon is hypostatic, and Life as a superorganism constitutes a brahmanesque monad in which polarity creates dynamism. But how, at least for us in the mortal coil, the Fertility Cult is the oldest and I think most sensible place to look for the Divine.

The Grønbech Files: Death

Bypassing the Second Law of Thermodynamics, we will talk about the way our fathers might have seen death. Where then is thy sting?

The Gronbech Files: Soul

Continuing in our exploration of Asatru guided by Gronbech's book "The Culture of the Teutons." This episode deals with the multivariate nature of the soul as felt by the Northmen in the long hours before Christ.

American Rabbithole

A rabbithole about balancing American Identit-y/ies. Unless you enjoy thinking your way into net neutrality, this might not be the post for you.
Other topics glanced over: Grønbech's internet treatment, anthropology, roots of American popular mythology, Conversion Times and ethnogenesis. All spergery. No breaks.
O LORD spare us the sperge of the Yankee.

in hoc memento

You're the sum of your parts, and your sum belongs to a greater equation. Special in context, but worthless in the puckerbrush.

A Nuanced Take

This one is a bit of a mishmash of beliefs, both worldly and otherworldly.

Baucis and Philemon

A major problem we face in reclaiming positive culture is the absence of marital role models. True love is hard to find, seldom discussed and often mocked. Here's a story that shakes the modern myth.