deus in machina

But seriously. If androids dream of electric sheep, than how much wood could a robot chuck if a robot could cook spirits?

The Monstrosity of Freedom

Cue the Nietzsche quote. I don't care which one. A ditty about men, monsters and the blurry line which is neither thin, nor blue - speaking of social regulations.


Fancies gleaned from being a voyeur into cemetery ground where no family lies. Yes, I am a superstitious soul. I even burn Injun money incense. I apologise for nothing.

The Grønbech Files: Death

Bypassing the Second Law of Thermodynamics, we will talk about the way our fathers might have seen death. Where then is thy sting?

The Gronbech Files: Soul

Continuing in our exploration of Asatru guided by Gronbech's book "The Culture of the Teutons." This episode deals with the multivariate nature of the soul as felt by the Northmen in the long hours before Christ.


Musings -as always nothing more. This time about the role of rising above cynicism. Painful for some, needful for all.


A friend and Brother recently challenged us to retake our humanity from modernist globalism. Here is my best attempt at articulating what I think this begins to entail.