deus in machina

But seriously. If androids dream of electric sheep, than how much wood could a robot chuck if a robot could cook spirits?

Poem: Catharsis

About the miserably transient feeling of dominance one gleans in their spiritual struggles, somewhere between the dark night and shallow dawn.

Poem: Denial

Odin gave an eye at the Well of Forgotten Beginnings, and his self to self. We all fight our daemons, sometimes they chase us, and sometimes we drive them. But at day's end, it's ourselves we're fighting. No sense in blaming the devil, it's all you Baby Doll.


Symbolism is one of the missing pieces of our meta-language. Without it, modern man flails at nuance, among other things. This essay discusses why we ought to take symbolism back.


Romans were a systematic race with a marvelously succinct and efficient codification of characteristics and morality. I'd like to discuss "Virtus" which we might refer to as the code of masculine virtue.