No Business Like Venus Business

Homepage search Category organising my writing about the Ancient Venuses, among the oldest expressions of portraiture and spiritual yearning.

The Pitter Patter of Autistic Brain Cells

I'm click bait. Click me, bait me. Go on. What lurks within? A mishmash of etymology and antiphilosemitism. Or something. Kittens and rainbows. Nothing in any way critical of anything.

Season’s Greetings

Brain Dump: Excruciatingly Esoteric, Big Beautiful Weight-Lifting Edition.

Monday Mood

Brain dump. Going to decide in advance not to have a midlife crisis when my son is young.

The Gronbech Files: Soul

Continuing in our exploration of Asatru guided by Gronbech's book "The Culture of the Teutons." This episode deals with the multivariate nature of the soul as felt by the Northmen in the long hours before Christ.


Reflections gleaned from reading the Eddas aloud, about the potential of language and its improvement on mind and soul.