Our Lady of Laussel

Trigger Warning: this will likely only appeal to Palæolithic Enthusiasts or fans of the mighty Architect. And Agent Rick, whom I'm sure enjoys being brain-raped weekly. By me, your host. I digress.

Something of an Ode to Our Lady of Dordogne, the Venus of Laussel and all her hypostases in the Palæolithic world. How I think she bridges the gap to Asatru (and other) today, and maybe why Scarlet should frankly give a damn. Or not. Whatever floats your boat or sinks your dinghy. Links for the autistic are enclosed. Drink the Horn, bigot.




My thoughts on giants in history. (UPG.) I've kept as best I can to an Asatru line. Eat it. Eat it ALL. Or not. Boats and dinghies.

The Gronbech Files: Soul

Continuing in our exploration of Asatru guided by Gronbech's book "The Culture of the Teutons." This episode deals with the multivariate nature of the soul as felt by the Northmen in the long hours before Christ.

Lorecast S2, Ep3: The Germanic Gods

The text portion of an adjoining podcast episode. For audio visit:


Women Are From Venus

An expansion of my previous foray into Venus Culture as begun with "Who's Your Venus?"


This proposes that maybe the Vanir and similar God tribes are fragmentary folk memory of Old European culture prior to the adoption of Sky Gods. It proposes a hypothesis of Paleolithic fertility cults common to Old Europe by discussing myths and Venus finds.

Genesis of the Nords

A retelling of the Norse Creation Myth from Ginunngagap til the peace between Asgard and Vanaheim.

Audio available at the Lorecast on Spreaker.