(Book Review) Inanna: Queen of Heaven And Earth; Her Stories and Hymns from Sumer by Diane Wolkstein and Samuel Noah Kramer

Review/discussion of a book regarding Inanna, once among principle deities of what is supposed to be a cradle of civilisations.

Poem: Catharsis

About the miserably transient feeling of dominance one gleans in their spiritual struggles, somewhere between the dark night and shallow dawn.

Helas Draumar

Another look at Baldurs Draumar, where Hel may not be the villain the monks suggest. Wyrd and Ørlög find their way, and those who try to see, may see life in another way.

Fitting to tell this on the Day of the Sun, who shall always emerge from the darkness. Glæde Sūnnandæg, wæs þū hāl.

Great Goddess in Review

A review of a book by Jean Markale, tracing the footsteps of the oldest Goddess(es) of civilisation till now. Special care is taken to point to a common ancestral Goddess shared between Europe and the Near-East, and potentially (ancient) America. I've filed this under highly recommended.