Brain Dump, You Say???

Brain Dump. The 'consider not downloading yourself into the internet' edition.

To the Devil, With You!!

This Monday belongs to "the devil." This post discusses a few different strains of Satanism, how they might diverge from Luciferianism and why anybody should care.

Noble Lie, Dishonest Truth

Quid Est Veritas? Truth is the power to tell stories that make us stronger, not weaker. Truth is inspiration, not guilt. Truth is belonging, and not ostracism. Truth is what you make it.

Don’t Let it Linger

Brain dump: don't let it get the best of you edition. Bonus: the lady up the road will always be a bigger man than you, until she's not.

Product Placement

Would it be rude for me to tell you where I think your product can be placed, in most places? ;p

Pan and the Death of the Nation-State

Musings about the perennial debate about forms of Nationalism, and why I think most of us are putting the cart before the host. Touches on the futility of The Current Thing (are you team Russia or Ukraine?) and why I think the entirety of it is an incredibly wasteful detraction from making real progress. Also, April is dead, long live May.