Everything’s an adjustment. I had assumed that once we fulfilled the plotline of 28 Days Later during the recent outbreak of CoVAIDS we would pirouette into the sequel – 28 Weeks Later. I don’t know how many days or weeks this nonsense has been going on. I tend to lose track of time very quickly, but I know it’s been a little longer than comfortable since I’ve travelled to nearby townships for to swing my hammer.

That being said. I’m trying to keep in mind that these sorts of things, despite the sensationalism they invoke, do not last forever. So… I’m trying to keep a rhythm that evokes the way life should have been before this stupid little plague. When this debacle ends, I want to be able to retransition into whatever the future holds with little difficulty. So. I maintain my discipline. I wake up shy of 04:ooam for to do my gym time. Monday Heads, Tuesday Deads, Wednesday Wildcard, Thursday Deads and Friday Heads, accelerated cardio on Saturday, wildcard on Sunday. I make my wife and I breakfast after gym. By 07:ooam I am ready to work. Only I don’t go far.

This summer the wife and I have decided to do some family compound gardening. In light of current socioeconomic trends, having our own food at cost of labour would be preferable than relying on the “free” market. We shall put down seed as soon as said seed arrives. When there isn’t rain or sleet, I have applied myself in the mornings to clearing away the brush from a tree which was knocked over during a windstorm pending heavy ice storms. I have been separating the chaff from the burnable logs and making separate piles. When the sleet or rain prevails I retreat to my shop where I have been exercising some of my CoVAIDS time.

There in my shop I have been honing my scroll-saw , palm-router, and chiselling skills making coats of arms bearing one of the symbol of our Männerbund. The intention here has been to provide some of our oldest or leading Brothers with symbols of office, as it were, that they can hang (if they are so inclined) in their homes. These I intend as gifts, despite being asked by one Brother for a price. Then, when guests visit and comment on the work, it can be a peaceful segue into discussing our work with outsiders in a way that is casual and unintimidating. As it goes, I discuss, albeit vaguely, some of our activities with select audiences, depending on what I think they are willing to hear. No names need be discussed, but intentions can be good enough. A brotherhood of men dedicated toward self-improvement and the preservation of the finer points of Occidental culture. Our aim is to rekindle healthy aspects of chivalry, promote an understanding and appreciation of spirituality and community spirit. We seek to rebalance ourselves with nature, and someday organise to do local park clean-ups and trash removal. We hike and get out into the wilds. We provide our members with solid relationships not based in internet trash, with full confidence and respect and depth. We deny the superficial nature of modernity and mutually desire to create a culture amongst ourselves that our children can inherit, so they don’t have to redefine themselves like we did upon realising how empty the modern world is of substance. Of course, one is wise to leave out particulars that trigger a Normie’s media programming, as I frequently remind myself when I grow frustrated with the pace of things.

I help my wife around the house, cleaning and organising. I watch my son. In fact, he sat with me as I wrote this article. I learned, between the second and third paragraphs, that my favourite German marching song is very soothing to him. In fact, I paused this paragraph to sing it to him again for the fifth encore – to which he finally drifted off to sleep. Prior to this he would protest when the song changed, or else I stopped singing. Like his old man, he is no fan of sleep and fights it so long as he can.

We break for lunch between 11:30 and 12:00. After this I return to the shop or my outdoor work. By 14:00 or 15:00 I try to wrap up my day, as this would conclude a normal workday. We tend toward supper between 16 and 17. After this, we relax, as our son’s feeding schedule allows, and try to be settling in again by 19-20:00 again for to rise again the next day.

Beyond this, the extra time has been beneficial to connect with members of the Bund, to call and write. Ideas have been discussed, cultural thoughts bandied about. This and more above and beyond the mandatory discussion of this particular instalment of the Eternal Current Happening. I attend to the formal calls, when they are not too late, and my domestic schedule allows. Beyond this I am planning to lead some ‘online courses’ about Pagan related topics of interest in our group. Admittedly we are all eager for this to end and for things to return to normal. Still. This too shall pass, and when we emerge from the other side of the happening, I know that at least all my Brothers will be changed in their thinking for the better. Better equipped to handle tension and isolation, separation and general distance from the system as we know it. Better able to appreciate the cultural context apart from the doldrums of society we are creating. Better able to create an anti-fragile community of like minds, something society does not willingly relinquish to you.

Roscoe Jones in his podcast Exodus Americanus made an excellent point of scathing the Accelerationists. As he pointed out, CoVAIDS is what Accelerationism looks like. A lonely, paranoid waiting game. There shall be no Fallout 2 like situation, no Mad Max, no 28 Days Later. Just the painful sting of realising you are out of toilet paper, and that Varg Vikernes with his Rag-on-a-Stick Nationalism has yet again been vindicated. I have little doubt that the power of Globalist Commercialism will force the hands of Normies back into acquiescence when this is through. I do, however, hold high hopes for those of us in Dissident Communities who shall be less likely to fall back into exclusively old habits when this Happening becomes the next one. We will hopefully all of us remember to create and maintain a more independent network among ourselves in regards to food preservation and resource management.

After all, if we look to the examples of other Dissident movements like the Golden Dawn (who have their own food kitchens) we will note that survivable models are all based in a degree of (potential) separation. Seperation implies autonomy, which demands sufficiency. Something most of us have not yet realised. But. That is an entry in this archive for another time. Until such a time as this Current Happening becomes the next Current Happening, be safe, eat well, sleep well, and keep your wits and discipline about you. This quarantine is no excuse to get too soft in mind, body, heart or soul.

Godspeed and good luck

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