Serpentine Legacy

Formerly “The Sperg Box.” Why the name change? Because it was time. I wanted a name to reflect my change in trajectory. I consider myself an Odinist, but am driven by the symbols of the Serpent and the Goddess as underpinning everything, tucked away in all the myths we treasure. Ergo my new name for the blog, “The Serpent’s Loft” is meant to evoke the familiars of Odin and the Goddess – snake and raven. Odin himself travelled as a snake at times. For those used to the old brand, the legacy intro lies below. Wæs þū hāl.

Welcome to the Spergbox: your final solution for Esoteric Mainerism. Why Spergalicious? Because you can do worse. You can call me Seax and I’ll be your host. This blog catalogues the essays of one Sperg, the voices in his head, and his occasional White Allies, on a thought journey probably leading nowhere. I’m sure there’s a zen koan about the journey not being about the destination but the friends you make along the via spergalosa.

Why is this Blog called the Sperg Box? That’s a trade secret. Suffice to say, we cover a wide variety of what might (by some) be considered Esoteric topics. These will include but not be limited to: discussions of (mostly Germanic) European Occult, the New England experience seen from the Dissident Right (for lack of better words,) and frankly a swathe of whatever else might pass the authors’ minds. Scroll below to tip my sacred cows, or keep going to search my archives by clicking on a tag in the cloud.


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