Hey. My online traveller’s name is Seax, and has been for years. I’m a New Englander, Yankee and Esotericist without a Tradition in the name of. I practise Asatru publically, and consider myself a Gnostic Odinist privately. A lot of my work surrounds that. Some is random musing. A lot is poetry.

This Blog is a dragnet to catch and hold all those niggling little thoughts I can’t go spewing at work. It’s a hobby and a labour of love. I don’t take it too seriøs – life is far too short. I started the blog for political purposes, to propagandise. I’ve moved beyond that and now seek enlightenment and communion with other disaporic thinkers from diverse traditions. I am right leaning, tribalistic and ideologically oppurtunistic – but I believe everybody has something to agree about with somebody else. From best friends to bitter foes. In so believing, we have far fewer enemies than we think – in spite of all rhetoric political and domestic.

As to you, you’re welcome whoever you are. I believe in Free Speech, but also Freedom of Association, Conscience and Self-Determination. To that end, I have never banned anyone nor censored them. And wouldn’t, unless someone said something blatantly and outrageously illegal, or requested their own commentary be removed. So feel free to use my little platform here to share your thoughts with minimal fear of recrimination.

If there’s anything else you want to know, ask! There’a a peanut gallery for that. Keep scrolling, I’ve organised the page to reflect organised snippets of my work, going back to this Blog’s inception.


What’s it all about:

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There’s the mists of time, too:

Still can’t find it? Have suggestions or requests? Wanna shoot the breeze, but not in a post? Come visit the Peanut Gallery!

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Folk Are Talking…

  1. I prefer the axe, myself. Mauls and wedges and hydraulics come out to polish up whatever “un- splitables” are left.