American Rabbithole

A rabbithole about balancing American Identit-y/ies. Unless you enjoy thinking your way into net neutrality, this might not be the post for you.
Other topics glanced over: Grønbech's internet treatment, anthropology, roots of American popular mythology, Conversion Times and ethnogenesis. All spergery. No breaks.
O LORD spare us the sperge of the Yankee.

Grönbech Files: About Honour

It seems our Ancestors' may have seen Honour as a thing which existed apart from the self and had a life of it's own. Lives had prices, thus, so did and does honour. This essay inspired by Grönbech's work on the Teutons deals in ancient honour, modern honour and drawing that old Rainbow Bridge between them. Honour should be seen as an entity, not an abstract: part of the soul.

Afghanicoof Rex

Eternal News Cycle. What are realistic expectations we can have of ourselves in These Most Unprecedented Of Times? What good comes from being plugged into all the latest, if it isn't inspiring you to make your plans, execute your life strategies, and improve or otherwise build upon your skills?