Slipping Up The Slope

Life is hard, and death and taxes are inevitable. Or so I am told. Every day, the working American gets up. Maybe he mobilises too early for his taste. He gets into his truck and drives to work. On the road he is greeted by a cacophony of unskilled and inattentive, angry drivers who cut … Continue reading Slipping Up The Slope



What do you do when you don’t want to? In our movement, where transcendental faith in the kind a Christian might possess is overwhelmingly absent, what do you do when your strength is thin? What do you do, White Man, when the world around you applauds weakness, glorifies perversity, excels in mediocrity and accentuates monotony? … Continue reading Virtus

Of Crosses & Ragnarokses

There are those who oppose (specifically Norse) Heathendom and (specifically Medieval) Christendom on the grounds of their supposed “fatalism” as some malefic influence. As if such a force for these often skeptic or secular crowds constitutes the closest thing to actual daemonic influence. They do this out of childish and self-indulgent (often false) naïveté, owing … Continue reading Of Crosses & Ragnarokses

Romanticisation of History & Esoteric Oppurtunism

If ever there has been a more fertile exoteric breeding ground for rich esoteric symbolism than history, I reckon it has yet to be revealed. And why not? History herself is esoteric, subject to analysis and representation, thereby reliant on transmission by a viceroy… but is made available and readily so to all, thus, exoteric. … Continue reading Romanticisation of History & Esoteric Oppurtunism