The Legend of THE Ultimate Welshman

The real true hidden lost ancient old tale of the origin of Llap Goch, world's most deadliest martial art of fighting, is revealed. Long suppressed by the Vatican Archivists, a journeyman from the Guild of the Eternal Anglo Files has collected this story at great risk to himself. Consider donating to his Hatreon. Don't tell the Lerner Elder of Spectrum. Or do. Nobody cares, this is an inside joke. If you get it, you're in, if you're not in and you get it, you're sick. Seek help.

Safe & Űberfukkeneffektiv nnnnnGuyyyyyy

Fat Lady, singing. Give her to me.

Brain dump flavoured with antikosher Maine salt and insane ranting. Pre-winter edition.

Short Story: Golem

Can Agent Rick stop King Charles III in time to save the weather? Probably not. What hijinks ensue? Who cares? Keep calm and hate ZOG!

Short Story: The Conspirator

An Agent Rick Story. When ZOG uncovers a plot to uncover their plot to cover a plot about Vaccines, Agent Rick is sent to discreetly dispatch of the Conspirator. Can he do it? Read on.

Short Story: Magick Missile

An Agent Rick Story. Our intrepid Agent is called into work after LARPing GTA to stop a Rogue Wizard. Shenanigans ensue.

Trust The Sale

Do you trust "The Plan," love Truth, God and America? Than open your mind and pocketbook for a hope explosion!!!!! Brace yourself, the STORM is coming. Be prepared with facts and logic, and my latest prep gear! All American, all the time.