The Retvrn of Grandpa Simpson

I was listening to a podcast produced by the Asatru Folk Assembly. As it seems to be the trend with most podcasts now, material is often driven by a question/answer phase via an app. Which in this case was a good gamble as the questions were all good, not all podcasts can claim the same. As it went, one of the questions was regarding dating/marriage. What is the best time to marry, or by what time ought a man to have married. That was the question. No easy answers. Mr. Flavel, the host, did swimmingly. Of course. He’s a clever man. You have to be in order to make anything work that involves herding Asatruar, or Dissidents or any such thing sufficiently out of the mainstream light. The podcast is Victory Never Sleeps, if you have time, it’s worth your time.

At any rate. The segment forced me to check my own memories. In past, one of my self-appointed tasks was trying to straighten out the young members of a group I had worked with. Zoomers, the generation is nicknamed. I’ll spare you the moral soliloquy on why this is important work. It should be obvious, but, sadly, it is not. As men age, they take their wisdom for granted, and so often hoard it for themselves, and later wonder why it is so many of the young seem like they’re stand-ins in a Tim LaHaye movie.

Left behind, yo.

One of the greatest problems facing the Zoomers, it would seem, is precisely this. The dating question. In my day, things were better. For normal people, anyway. I always preferred the fringe elements of this, or that. But now, there is no normal. The fringes on the dress have frayed. The stuffing is coming out. Whatever. The point is, it is becoming harder for men to rely on the basic institutions of dating they once could.

As to the biological question. The podcast gave a bifurcated answer. Summarily, when you’re ready. That is not easy to gauge. A certain maturity level is required. What I will attempt to dissect is what some of the hallmarks of this level are, since men in my age bracket and above struggle with understanding that none of this is common knowledge. Maturity is not so readily apparent as it was, and it isn’t a word that has meaning on all levels. It doesn’t translate downhill.

I know that for myself, it was in my early 20s that the reality of my situation gripped me. I always knew I wanted a wife and children, to carry on the family name and do pagan stuff in the woods – as they say. I think I was around 23-24 when it dawned on me that a quarter of my life had been sucked into the äther, and that it belonged to Urd leaving me with that block unusable. What did I have left? 60 years? 70? Broken down, realistically, I had two or three years of dating left, another or so of courtship. If I hadn’t gotten my first child by age thirty, statistically, things would get harder. The pressure was on. So I started dating and taking it seriously.

Common “wisdom” dictates that it all “just” “happens.” Not true. It might, for some. These brave few go on to become the loud minority that the majority bases their false appeals on. Finding “the one” is a labour of love. You must work on yourself, and get out there. Women will not fall in your lap. You do not ‘deserve’ a woman, she is not a thing you can buy unless you live in the Russian Federation or are a Yid. Or a Mud. Nevermind, bad example. Western Women are a product of a Western World, which believes human beings are not to be objectified. And yet, a happy marriage should be the object of many people’s attentions.

There is a sense of entitlement in the Culture abroad. Men, women and children feel entitled to this, or that. They do because of the omnipresent ((( m e s s a g i n g ))) that is all but inescapable. There aren’t many spinsters or incels in the Jew owned media. Thus, the reality of your situation is not apparently until very late in the hour. As the podcast said, very often, it is when you have sorted out your social responsibilities and find yourself too old to be of value to the breeding pool.

Anyway. With dating there should be some introspection. You should be asking yourself questions. You should be establishing firm boundaries based upon the answers to these questions.

I’m going to dispense with some advice that is considered unorthodox. But orthodoxy is overrated, typically pompous, and generally annoying.

You should have a firm grasp on what you find attractive in the body that carries your soulmate. Men are sensorial creatures. I have dealt with many men who, attracted to X, pursue Y because the stereotypical image of what a ‘trophy wife,’ a ‘based gf,’ or whatever the hell now, looks like. An example I have seen is a young man who, attracted exclusively to well-fed women, is mortified of being approbated by the magazine cover crowd with their platitudes, and dates pointedly skeletal looking things as a reactionary impulse. He finds them loathsome, and in the end, becomes a, dare I say it, can I say it? Toxic individual. His unrequited attractions lend to desperation, and this often leads to derogatory behaviour.

Physical attraction is a viable metric, there is a reason it is there, it is nature’s divining rod. Fear of judgement in any sphere, orthodox or not, is sublimated and so crippling that many folk unconsciously live false lives simply because the entirety of our present infrastructure is a shame-based organism. But consider logically how the goalposts have moved; the basic conservative model around which the shame/achievement parallax was founded has been subsumed by the neoliberal one which actively subverts the old, with the old playing fast and loose. It is, ultimately, just a trap.

It is worth noting that attraction has layers. In past, I was stunned to learn that the grasp of these nuances were not immediate, and that there are, in fact, people who just don’t know. Basic attraction constitutes physicality. Do gentlemen truly prefer blondes? Do you like a woman who is trim, fit, fat or what? Is she tall, or short? What shape? Apple, pear… banana? The spectrum is vast, and the combinations of what people are drawn to are vast. It isn’t a question of perfection, but approximation. A fitness freak who wants his equal in weight of squats or burpees or some shit isn’t going to fare well getting hitched to the doughnut queen of mukbang. A man who likes ‘em big would be ill-advised looking for his wife at a weight-watchers’ clinic, maybe Planet Fitness, but definitely not CrossFit. And then there is the ocean between the poles, some folk simply like things plain, average. Unremarkable. Own it. No sense in living life for the magazine covers, ain’t nobody gonna be there on high gloss behind closed doors.

The media presents the double standard of narrow optimalism of quantifying physical attractiveness by magazine models, male and female, while simultaneously touting the sanctimonious delirium of looking past faults in partners to get to the tootsie roll centre. How many licks? I don’t know. This insane double standard only lends itself to potential partners treating eachother like they’re doing eachother favours by overlooking ‘faults’ rather than resonating, magnifying and glorying in eachother both emotionally, physically and thus spiritually. The old Anglican wedding vows had it; “with my body I thee worship.” If you can help it, you shouldn’t put yourself at a disadvantage. You don’t attain spiritual unity worshipping a false god, how will you find true worship where the body is a temple, if you’re going to the wrong church?

Having been honest with yourself about where your attractions lie, and all that jazz. The equally important question you should entertain is what your values are. It is enormously important that you should be able to control this narrative for yourself, for if you do not your house will always have a vacuum of power. Yes, power. All human beings seek power. All households have a head. There is no such thing as democracy. Do you believe in a traditionally structured house in which the man heads the household? You must understand that if this is important to you, you cannot expect a woman with no moral education to ‘fall in line.’ She may, but this will take years. Women have been exposed to incalculable propaganda from every conceivable angle. All moral compassing is indoctrination, so dispense with the notion that there’s a belief system that isn’t. That’s a damned lie, and you know it. Are you some kind of free-wheeling Shitlib who wants to be dominated by a louder, stronger man in a woman’s body? Own it. Or not. I don’t care.
Your political inclinations play less a role than how you wield them. Women have a high tolerance for deviation if basic needs are met, chiefly, their own comfort. Are you capable and willing to make a woman’s life comfortable? I don’t care about the modern platitudes. Women settle. Even if their equivalent of settling is being warped by chaos. In order to make a woman comfortable it behoves you to know the vector of approach to life is different. Men tend to approach things logically, women emotionally. You ought to have a rudimentary understanding of basic psychology. Because she might not. Of course, she may.

All in all, you should be up front. From the start. What kind of life are you building? Where is your life going? If you can’t answer, it means your life is going nowhere, and hers will too. Women crave material security. They seek providers. Don’t waste your time complaining with your borrowed scientific lingo about hypergamy or any of this shit. A woman’s craving for creature comfort is a guarantor of basic universal eugenics. If she gives herself to every Tom, Dick and Nigger than, well, you have the current year. If she gives herself to the capable man, logically, she perpetuates capable genes. Which is why it has been so important for the neoliberal machine to scramble women’s brains and change the definitions of those previous staples.

But the reality is. No woman will ever be satisfied with a man she can push around, hem or haw at. She will challenge every authority you have and on every level she can contrive, and while insufferable, infuriating and fatiguing, it is nature’s way of sharpening you as a sword by subjecting you to constant, ceaseless, merciless moral, intellectual and structural fortification. If you aren’t the kind of eugenic man to provide children with firm leadership, then navigating the straits of a woman’s inner child successfully – will. Rise to the occasion, rather than wallow up and proverbially die. The pitiful truth is that men have been conditioned to lie down and take it, and women conditioned to take it for granted. Women see men being limp dicks, and seek disappointing specimens, having no security in their lives with weak men, they become gradually more caustic and abusive while their men more and more resemble what a feminist thinks a 50s housewife did. A pill-popping failure who needs a safespace from his shrew of a spouse, and mutates into the pathetic boomer with his ‘I h8 my wife’ bumper stickers.


Sadly, many Zoomers are already there. The staggering levels of cynicism among boy-children steering men’s bodies (18-24) is horrendous. This comes from the media representation of women as these salvific, immutable, infallible spawns of angel farts and saint’s tears. Having a concrete image of women as unassailable leads men to become passive observers in their own lives, believing they are cattle for women to train, reshape and lecture who have no recourse to reciprocate. The burgeoning dynamic is of staggering passive, and actual aggression. The reality is, yes, most women need to be dressed down. But there are right ways and wrong ways of doing it. Because women have a paradox of seeking father figures in their mates, you must become fatherly to succeed, it behoves you to do this BEFORE engaging. The same basic characteristics of a good father: patience, forbearance and foresight; apply to managing a marriage. Because women are emotional creatures, it follows, you should expect irrationality, and be able to circumnavigate it without being sucked into it. The media plays it off with a schizo dichotomy that makes it impossible for men basing their reality off it to succeed. Women often use logic as a front to guard their inner child, it makes them seem imperious, arrogant, or in short, bitchy. That’s because the logic isn’t real, really, it’s a calculated image. But it’s their own way of imitating dad being an asshole. Which ultimately is not much different than a toddler throwing trucks because he knows he won’t get his way in the way he wants it, when and how and where he does.

Now. And this I think is important. There is a reactionary gland where violence against women among the frustrated young has become a meme. Dressing women down isn’t about brutalising them or revenging yourself for being an unimpressive pansy with stunted emotional growth. It’s the biological eugenic process, again. The point is to disentangle a woman from some of the programing she has endured, and by that same token if done in a fatherly spirit, elevate your own pedigree. Because realistically, you cannot expect a woman to change for the better if you haven’t. Women follow leaders. Even these high profile businesswomen do little but quote the gurus that moulded them. If you aren’t capable of becoming her quotable guru, your life will become a shallow joke and a ceaseless torment and you will like a cuckold see other men’s words on her fridge, or her ass in yoga pants.
And nobody wants that. Death to yoga pants.
The reality is, like it or not, that menfolk are nature’s natural leaders. With the disintegration of the modern man has come the breakdown of society. Some women make effective leaders, but it is a sleight of hand one is poorly counselled to gamble on. Most women are not leaders. Most are followers. Hence the rapid deterioration of the infrastructure. Am I blaming women? No, in fact. I am blaming effeminised men, and masculinised women to a far lesser degree. It’s not a mystery. In the chicken world, in the absence of an alpha cock, hens take on secondary sexual characteristics. They grow combs and wattles like a rooster’s, they learn to crow (albeit shriller than a trve cock) and eventually in the late stages, call it third wave henogamy, they mount smaller, weaker hens and do the, em, cock-a-doodle-do. In short, Nature Rosie Odonal’s them. Spend time watching footage of Women’s Liberation speakers, who will quote their influences. Despite all their rage, they’re still just a smashing pumpkins song. For women the question lies with who their influence is. For you: the question is, are your worth being influential?

Anyway. There are a few thoughts. They are based on closing in on 9 years of knowing my wife, juxtaposed with the lives of others in various age groups. I stand by my confession. Fixing many of these problems facing society isn’t an insurmountable task fit fir a Sisyphus or Hercules. It requires honesty. Align yourself with your inclinations, morals and beliefs. That’s been the aim of all philosophy, however redundant, for many years. Probably hasn’t been an enjoyable read, it wasn’t intended as offensive, but probably still is. Peace out, cub scouts. I have to get ready for to go to my bench press.

Some easy to remember pointers:

  • Falling with someone you find unattractive isn’t a heroic sacrifice, like the media intimates.
  • Physical, as well as emotional disharmony can lead to deterioration of the psyche.
  • Honesty really is the best policy.
  • Personality is incredibly important, and will outlast your physical prime, but the prime is there for a reason.
  • “Settling” is a masochism everyone will pay for. Up to and including but not limited to any children produced in said relation.
  • Society is broken and cannot be used as a metric for finding happiness.
  • Mere reactionary-ism is insufficient, doing the opposite of what demonstrably sucks a solution does not make.
  • Self-mastery is required of every man, this begins on the emotional spectrum and ends with the physical. That mastery varies man to man, and cannot be readily quantified, but does involve resonance of ideal with reality.
  • Your values and principles should inform your personality. Not the other way around.
  • To be compatible with your personality, she should be compatible with at least half of your values.
  • Women follow, and in time the scales will shift your way, if your mutual compatibility is strong. The shift is determined by whose will is strongest.
  • Women seek father figures.
  • A good father is tender and loving, but at the same time firm and unyielding – he knows when to give, and when to hold fast.
  • A good father allows others to learn their own lessons by guiding sight unseen to the right answer, force is not an answer, it is a dictatorship – not a partnership.
  • Men must anticipate the actions and reactions of his partner, as well as appreciate their emotional gravity.
  • Because men and women operate on different wavelengths, it pays to understand emotions as a variable so that even when your wavelengths don’t match, you can approximate them.
  • You must be prepared to spend time on a one-way road that doesn’t go your way, in order to turn the ship around.
  • Never take seriously anyone who in any way compares raising animals to raising children. Pets are in no way a metric to anticipate parenthood. People who think this may justify being bogged. Or at the very least unwaveringly rebuked.

… …
… … …
….. …… ……

A note about myself. As of writing, I am, unless my math is wrong, recently turned 34. I am married, currently happily. Yes, I find my wife attractive. We have not always seen eye to eye, but we do now – most of the time. We have weathered ups and downs, and marriage has taught me a great deal about patience. It has also taught me that the opposite is sometimes true of what the media portrays. I have dated 3-1/2 women and had sex with one. My experience with carnal matters is therefore limited, but my pattern recognition and observational faculties work just fine. I have noticed that those who have entertained many partners have muddied vision, blindly engaged in their own highly involved experiential bias. Compromised specimens, as it were, for building an analytical framework.

Becoming a good- or at least steadfast- husband, I think, has translated into my being a capable first time father. My heart is gladdened by the compliments received on Seaxling’s often sterling, if exceptionally energetic behaviour. But energy is vitality. As to becoming a future father in the context of marriage before children. That patience is the real practise. It involves being able to wait for proper conclusions, not rushing to or forcing a perceived convenience or compromise. This can take weeks, months or years. Compromise has been made a hot button. Like many words, its meaning is lost in the puckerbrush. Compromise is conflated with intention. Women are conditioned to measure compromise based on whether they achieve their desired results with as little deviation from their desired outcome as possible. Men are no different, but it is not so fashionable to be open about this as a man. In fine, compromise is false. In the past, ACCORD and no compromise was sought. All compromise is , is a gradual loss of position, there is no instance in which this is not true.

When I compromised with my wife or she with me, all it meant was achieving half-measures for the both of us which satisfied neither one of us. Compromise increases internalised disharmony. It isn’t hard to grasp how this is true, given the nature of compromise exemplified by the world we live in. From the macrocosmic to the microcosmic, compromise is a lowering of the bar and a gradual dissent into meaninglessness. Observe the political arena.

Accord is an elevation of spirit, a raising of the bar, when two parties actually find unity, as opposed to dickering and niggling.
When I met my wife she was a neoliberal, cultural Christian. I was, at the time, a self-described National Socialist losing his faith in the kike-god and returning to the Asatru which had carried him through life, and actually brought him peace rather than pain, unity rather than contrivance, and place rather than mental gymnastics. In a window of seven years, it took that amount of time for me to exorcise the false-gods of said neoliberalism and popery and/or post-popery from my house and establish the seedbed of a strong generational future for my son, devoid of the disconcerted, disharmonious emptiness of my own produced by parents who disagreed, so cleverly they thought, over nothing, to no effect, with only myself as collateral.

Achieving this unity of purpose has made life worth living. But you, reader, especially if you are my junior, should know; the longer you wait to secure the future, the harder it becomes. Many women have false convictions they have been convinced are real, which to us seem fickle and annoying. But as women age these impresarios become gospels in their heads, even when those gospels don’t bring them actual peace or stability, because they have become identifiers. Much in the way a middle aged man of a certain generation identifies himself not by his beliefs, but his job. Nothing is ever impossible, but the older you get, the more patience will be required of you to get where you are, especially if you know where you are going, and the rest of the world does not.


21 thoughts on “The Retvrn of Grandpa Simpson

  1. Never having had husband or children, I know a lot about what not to do. I wonder about your advice, intended for men, about women.

    Since you are half my age, I can speak from the experience of having lived longer and of having gone through phases you may yet live to see.

    I could say “wait and see,” a philosophy that acknowledges I don’t know everything yet, about other women or about men. Or even about chickens.

    I could say you sound like my own parents, who claimed to believe rationality and irrationality were sex-linked traits.

    I could say you have an apparent gift for emotional honesty. I may not agree with you, but I like the way you think. I’m surprised that you don’t mention intellectual compatibility in your prescription for the ideal union. Where does that fit into all those physical characteristics you find so important?

    Just asking, for a friend . . .

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    1. Ah, fair enough. Everybody should wonder about everything. I’m sure I’ll have learned a great deal by the time I double my life’s experiences.

      However. I think it’s important that men and women take an active interest in providing alternative ways of thinking. For anybody, but especially their juniors. State Interference into moral and really all spheres will only increase. In addition to being overwhelming now.

      Anyway. The intellectual compatibility is a great question. I would guess it’s variable, as admittedly many things are. However on a rule I’d think partners of similar performance would link better, otherwise there’s always a game of catch-up being played.

      I can only guess at how a woman feels, but having talked and listened, I’ll put my money where my mouth is. A woman far surpassing her husband in actual or perceived intelligence is probably not going to respect him, and might take to patronising.

      A woman with a man far enough beyond her in perceived or actual intelligence might make her feel diminutive. Especially if she has had previous relationships of a maladaptive nature, which statistically speaking, most women will have had.

      To that end, it’s as important as anything. However, intellectual capacity can easily be abused. Which is why I put my stress on self checking for honesty, and self-evaluating morals and beliefs, as well as, yes, physical attraction. A very smart person can be dishonest, and two very smart people can magnify dishonesty – or justify lack of self-advocacy, etc.

      But the major push is self-ownership, which is something not dealt with in school systems, or the culture abroad. Which had led us to a place where people, impressionable people, actively seek to be moulded and feel fundamentally place-less because they haven’t a vision for where they belong less how to get there.

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  2. The one thing people forget, marriage, like children is work. You have to work at your relationship and if you want to bring up your children with any sense of morals and decency, then you have to work at it.
    People have become used to the idea that relationships, like phones, are disposable. It doesn’t fit in the current pocket of establishment ideas, dispose of it. The comes self-doubt, self-loathing and all the other things the “media” says we should feel because we have convinced ourselves we are incapable of holding onto a relationship, the excuse being, well “issues”.
    Many women nowadays have been misled into thinking they have to be men – they have to work like men, behave like men, and in essence, media has fed them the lie they don’t need men. None of that is true and all it does is turn them into fickle, sad, harpies. Society has lost is grip on reality – going back to honesty, integrity and hard work instead of media, input Instagram and fake profiles would certainly make the dating scene less daunting.
    As for me, I never dated. I either found someone to be with or I didn’t and I never really thought about it much. Even a misfit like me married.

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    1. Great points, thanks. Obviously a lot I missed. The work component is huge. And I never got the disposable thing either, the only disposable thing for me was the Marilyn Manson song there. Of the several women I had dated, I had done with the intention of marrying. Else what’s the point? I don’t think of dating as fun, and from what I’ve observed among clinically depressed, hideously self-conscious, uncertain and desperate youth… neither do they.

      I’m not a woman, I hope obviously, so I can never experience the feeling of realising how badly women have been stigmatised/programmed/etc by ZOG. The mere suggestion that a woman, married or not, might be happier outside the workforce is tantamount to heresy. Drudging up cruel jabs of her being fat, slovenly, lazy and manipulative. As if women climbing corporate ladders aren’t taught manipulation. Or that a woman’s being fat is somehow a threat to society. Or that getting wise to the unwinnable game, taking the third position and staying home makes her “dumb.” Nuts to that. It’s all a bunch of media enforced retardation.

      Every woman I’ve worked for, irrespective of child or marital status, who pulled out after the coof and never went back to work – is happier. Being in their homes to work is more comfortable. There is less radiating despair. It’s anecdotal, but it seems to be broadly true. Heard on the Nordic Frontier that during the Doom Flu shut downs, that for the first time since the planet lost WWII that the White birth rate went up. Which is probably why they rolled back on it. But anyway. If women in droves staying home getting fat and happy means we break even on maintenance level, or better yet crest replacement level, than that’s wonderful. I would gladly piss away taxes on that. The cascade effect is potentially staggering.

      You must love the market for all of this “retvrn” media. Having sensed growing malaise with infinite commercialism (((they))) have seeded things like Small House Movement, and other creative ways for conscientious women and men to make themselves smaller while the coloured hordes eat up drip, bling and real estate. But maybe that’s another day’s post.

      The thing that kills me about “dating” is how broken my generation has been made. There is a feedback loop with fused ends, that is entirely self defeating. And I don’t think it’s helped by the manufactured outrage regarding #metoo and feminism generally, which leaves men with the impression all women are out to get them. Specifically. Which had made them sheepish. Which makes them unattractive to women. Which makes women more assertive. Which makes men more sheepish. I’m willing to bet you that half the folks in the current LTBBQ #$@+- Whatever the hell scene aren’t even really gay, so much as so out of sorts from anything resembling a normative structure they turn in. Kinda like the animal studies that fag lovers always cite that don’t mention animal sodomy occurs in absence of viable mates. Lesbianism produces some of the manliest men I’ve ever seen, and carries with it huuuuuge domestic abuse rates. Faeries, however, are very often cheeky and effeminate. Both come to resemble the inverted stereotypes of what classically understood sexual dimorphism comprises. Anyway.

      I’m no Casanova. Paradoxically this has made me attractive to some, because I don’t have as many immediate ulterior motives. But I noticed this during the beginning of the fake plague of 2019. The social desperation really peaked and became obvious. Once the Jews put a mask on desperation it became the elephantine supervillain it always was. You go to Hannafords (or Aldi or whatever you have in der Schweiz) and treat a young woman with bare minimum human decency and she lights up like an advent candle. Why not? She’s been yelled at for hours by men like my dad for hours about something she can’t control (why did people insist on blaming cashiers for the covid policy anyway?) and its made her think about things. She’s started to look for compassion as opposed to, I don’t know, the 40k/y that set the trend for women when I was looking. Which is huge. If the selection bar can change from shekels to the, dare I say it, milk of human kindness…

      If ever there had been a time for people to find eachother, it was the gay plague. But no. Tinder. Or… is PlentyOfFish still a thing? Whatever. I hate Einstein’s legacy and I don’t know who he plagiarised the quote from, but the root of insanity really is, in that arena, doing the same dumb shit expecting new results.

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  3. Actually, you did cover everything -my thoughts are just the rambling meanderings of a misfit mind.
    You are absolutely right. Given the chance. women would rather stay home. I know for sure I would, But I was never sold on the “a career will make you happy” lie. For me, it has always been a necessity and not an ambition. I never wanted to be a high-flying, power-suit-wearing ballbreaker. I have always found it revolting and the behaviour of women in those positions is frankly, revolting. This does not mean I don’t have ambitions, but I don’t depend on my job to fulfil them. Women have been fed a sad, miserable lot where they feel they must have a job in order to have a successful life and that is simply not true. They also are put into jobs not on merit, but because they are women, which leads to justifiable resentment. It makes me feel sick when I see companies setting up quotas for women; it is frankly insulting, I find, that a woman will get a job over a better-qualified man because she is well, female as if that qualifies her for everything under the sun. If you worked for it and you have the experience to prove it, then you should get the job, regardless of whether you are male or female and be paid accordingly. These quotas, in turn, show women they don’t have to work hard, they don’t have to strive and achieve, and they don’t have to work on their own self-esteem at a job well done, because all they have to do is scream sexism and they can be CEO overnight. It is counter-productive.
    The (((media))) is very happy to push an agenda that in the end is evil and destructive. Fat has been turned into “body positivity” which turns the attention away from the potential health issues of being fat to it being something that is fine when you are happy with it. Let’s face it, the other side of the coin, the anorexic look promoted in the 80s and 90s wasn’t healthy either. Unfortunately, both extremes are wrong. Most women are neither nor but they are left with the idea they have to be either or. So they obsess about their weight or they don’t think about it enough. It doesn’t help when men are fed the same rubbish. Metoo damaged women and made life infinitely worse for those of us who have never had a complaint against men because now we are lumped into the same boat whether we belong there or not.
    Society equates everything with sex and desirability, not with more human needs like companionship and compatibility for procreation. Ageing has been turned into something ghastly as if somehow looking young at 60 by any means possible will somehow extend your life longer than the skein of life allows. We will get old, and we will die. TikTok will not save you from the inevitable. Everything is skewed out of proportion. Older women are considered hags and older men are letches by default and both extremes are wrong.
    The trend of me, be it metoo, whichever lives matter etc has turned us into a vapid, shallow society populated by sad, disturbed people who find excuses for their own shortcomings because there is an excuse for everything and if you can’t find an excuse you can become a part of the LGBTQ community, much to their detriment, but at least you can have your own letter of the alphabet. No one actually thinks anymore about what it is to have a genuinely happy life. A little perseverance goes far but no one is willing to work for it. An influencer is a job description now – what does that say about society.

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    1. The other thing I come to about yhe woman’s empowerment, or whatever, is the unenviable final product. Women are raised to believe their shit can’t stink. Life is a self correcting organism, and so when women come up against resistance they are summarily unprepared and conditioned to chalk it up to discrimination.

      The thing with fat, and it’s pseudoscience, and hear me out with my hot take, but so was the Phat Earth up until a point – but the condemnation of size is æsthetic, and a pressure valve. People can do it, so they so. I think its more of a net neutral than we’re led to believe. Up until a point, that is, I believe the problem is food. Most folk cannot afford to eat like Grandma and Grandpa. Avoid ZOG in their soup. Food is laced with biotoxins and hormone disruptors. Fat is the principle storer and regulator of hormone, thus, I think, we’d see that if Monsanto were blown up we’d automatically see a boost in health. In my grandparent generation there were plenty of fat folks, something Americans at least play off as a modern thing. But there were some women in my family, or my wife’s, who were, frankly, huge. No crippling problems, no fragility like you see today. Conversely, and a few talk about it, logic would dictate that the demonstrably theoretically deleterious habits of yesteryear popular to men, heavy drinking and smoking, had obvious consequences in excess – but resistance to those consequences is far less. I reckon. Because of the breakdown of genome due to genetic manipulation through endogenous and exogenous sources, such as food, drugs, or the fact that we all wear mixed fibre undies laced with plastic that’s absorbed up through our respective baby-makers. It’s a moot point, frankly, because at the end of the day all a body is, is a shell, and people will be comfortable with different things, but I don’t think it’s reasonable to brutalise or mock. So whatever glaring faults the presently ZOG controlled Body Positive movement has, I don’t think they’re wrong about everything. Of course I’m biased, because I’m one of those odd little ducklings who prefers larger ladies. So i am, of course, biased. Must be all the cortisol pumping through my veins from dealing with ZOG, says also ZOG.

      The ageing thing. Yeah. We’ve built a highly disordered view. No wise men or wise women, just dependants. I always thought of the grey hairs like wizards and was very deflated to learn that ageing is not necessarily a wisdom dispensing superpower. But it was once, by default. I’ve never done TikTok. However I find the benefit here is the sheer vapidity of it all makes it easier to be influential in person. Might not win every case, but I’ve never had trouble forcing people with brains between their ears to think. Brain rape, somebody’s called it, which I’ve appropriated.

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      1. For sure. It has tuned out that way. Women have been fed the victim plot and they have fallen for it as an excuse for just about everything. I started my working life in the early 90s when men still address me as Fräulein, something unthinkable today. I never thought it was because they were demeaning me (adding “lein” to a German word makes it diminutive) but because they were politely addressing an unmarried woman which was the truth. Try Fräulein now and feminists will gouge your eyes out as if calling every woman Frau is somehow a step up the ladder of something.
        Yes, you are right, there is the massive problem of ZOG food – I believe it is the number one cause of obesity, and by making it cheaply available makes the whole problem worse. I think in Switzerland we have managed to avoid a lot of that since GMOs are banned and junk food is hideously expensive. Contrary to popular opinion, being Swiss does not come with a massive Swiss bank account and we count our pennies like everyone else but the difference is, the food industry here is heavily regulated and they have a harder time trying to poison us. Because of the trend to buy local, eat local and better food waste management in supermarkets it is possible to get increasingly affordable local produce and towards the end of the day, a lot of the usually expensive foodstuff comes on 1/2 price sale, so even I can pick up organic products which would usually be out of my income range. We have the ability still to feed ourselves similar to our grandparents if we choose to.
        But I am diverting from the topic, my apologies. I agree there was a time when being fat was not a health-related issue and for many people, it isn’t. I come from big-boned East European and Russian farming stock, we are by nature larger not necessarily taller but stockier and I have faced my own share of mockery for it – my favourite until now was when a woman told me I am not beautiful since I look so interesting but I will never be beautiful because my face is the wrong shape and my body looks like I should be pulling a plough. I don’t advocate shaming people whatever their bodily size, but I don’t think it is right to make it a singular talking point either. When people have manners, they know better than to indulge in cruel talk and shameful behaviour, it is wrapped in a fabric of respect for others which society has lost. But society makes things into trends and trends are short-lived and usually bring little to no real change. People need to work harder on genuine acceptance of others and not just because someone told them to. True acceptance comes from the heart and no matter how many movements are launched, if it is only a surface value thing it comes to nought. Being genuine in convictions is harder than most people think. Even Gandhiji failed.

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      2. I will respond to this later with respect, but until then, never apologise for tangents. There’s so much juice there, that they almost always bring up good fruit. I try to be an honest guy, non-censurious and, ironically, open-minded despite my preferences, proclivities and positions.

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      3. Until then, I wrote this regarding some general thoughts about body positive politics, it would work incorporative with a broader cultural revolution, but I agree, being fit, fat or otherwise means nothing by itself. I’m presently slight of frame and strong for my size, other than being at extra risk for Nazism (le gasp) it simply is what it is. Anyway. … &/or …

        The Reactionary Root of Self-Fulfilled Prophecy

        Toodles for now.


      4. I had to do this in bits, as I thought throughout the day. Which makes for a very well rounded comment box, as it were. Add a bit here, at a bit there. Then what does the recipe make? A wall of text, I’ve been told.

        Interesting you say that about Fräulein. I’ve always loved that word. For many reasons. Its relation to Freyja, among them. But just the sound, so nice, so eloquent. German is a beautiful language. It’s to my shame that I never found the time to finish learning the conjugations when I was younger, but I could pass for a retard auf deutsch. It’s like that in Maine. In Maine, Dear, Hon (Honey) are all terms of endearment. Sweetheart. Etc. There was once a time folk could be endearing without being accused of sexual overtones. Who knew.

        Yeah. You obviously know, America and Britain didn’t get off as easy as Switzerland, Germany or Denmark when it comes to the Goy Feed. I’m glad to see that it’s the case that Switzerland stayed crunchy. I only know one Swiss, which you know, and that’s my Aunt. Swiss German. Brilliant woman, speaks six languages, is a high powered business woman with, wait for it, Swiss money. But all her money came from here, she just happens to have traded on her smarts and left Switzerland. And she’s a pretty broad woman, too. But my goodness, is she but wicked smart. Not smart enough to see through the lies, but I always chalked that up to her gentle nature. She’s a very kind, caring woman. Not at all like the cruel stereotypes of the rigid, awful Germanic. Anyway. Yeah, the feed question is a big black pill here, on account from Monsanto is legally allowed to own organic farms. They cloud seed, and spray everything. The ground water is contaminated, even in rural areas… basically, we get it from every angle. So everything, and I mean everything, is improvement by degrees. Any bit helps, etc…

        I’m certainly guilty of being ignorant of Eastern European culture, as well as being generally sceptical of it. A failing of mine is my failure to differentiate individual Slavs from the collective of anything East of Sweden or Switzerland. I’m sure that there is a vibrant folk culture there which in no way represents the export culture. Much in the way that true American culture is not true to the commercial representation. But, I have heard that, for a lack of better terms, that Russian peasant culture is like that. I work for a Slavic woman, kind, exceptionally generous woman. I doubt she’s pulled a plough. I’ve been responsible for moving her furniture, which neither she nor her much smaller brother could move. But no. No singular talking point. I’d be lying if I told you I wasn’t jealous sometimes of the one trick pony who think they’ve won when they figure out one riddle, and that their one riddle can win the day. It’s a thing of you can love something without hating the other. For example, the positivity crowd. You can appreciate larger ladies without knocking thin ones, and you can do it without forcing a narrative. On the other hand, and it goes back to your bit about the feminism. Somebody should be able to be attracted to a big girl, if they are, without automatically being accused of being an abuser, or manipulator. Which is kind of ironic, so much of feminism devalues women more than chauvinism could, such as the idea that women only have value if they agree wholesale with EXACTLY the narrative, and daemonise entirely anybody who disagrees. Or being laughed at by men, whatever. And I know that women are typically more sensitive to criticism than men, which is why so much of the body politics of today more visibly affect women than men. Nevermind the fact that, from a sheer numbers perspective, that by being so hard on big girls, Conservatives stigmatise them and create an inconvenient feedback loop in which, mocked by White conservative types, they frequently become race-mixers, and very often future abuse victims. Victims in turn mocked by Nationalists who feel they got what they deserved, perpetuating the stereotype of Nationalism being poison to women. It’s one of those seeming non-issues, I think, that becomes far more intricate and nuanced upon further examination. And given the fact that, in the U.S., women are half the population, and 60% of women are at least overweight… numerically speaking, White American Nationalists aren’t in a position to be pompous assholes and make the Fourteen Words statistically unlikely. And come to think of it, U.S.A. is no longer the biggest country. The U.K. has caught up, and I’ve been told that the Germans have taken on the arctic chonk the last few years, although I’m sure the conditions there are nothing like here. I’m going to link you to a poem which I thought was very nice, and tender, and more or less encapsulates something I feel should be an option, not law. I didn’t write it. I don’t know much about the lass who did, but her tying ancient mysticism with modern travail is interesting. Do with it what you will. I’ll try to make it the last I have to say about what must by now be a belaboured topic. ………… ….. ……. …… link: …

        True respect! What a concept! But highly relevant. I’m no stranger to it, pro and con, because I’ve taken the low road before, even though I try and take the high road… but it’s a tremendous disservice to treat everybody like potential subhumans. Sneering contempt, etc. But again, there’s a certain collateral that comes with that kind of low-vibe frequency. Even if for logistical and propaganda purposes the NSDAP will remain a bogeyman with little hope of broad appeal, I take great inspiration from the spirit of respect that the National Socialists seem to have conveyed. At least before the war and all bets had to be off, reducing all sides to underhanded henpecking and decompartmentalisation of State, Citizenry and Nation and their amalgamation into a lump sum to be targeted. Surely the worst tragedy of war, such unnatural conflicts of what otherwise would be like parties. But whether it’s body positivity, the police, military, or any host of other subjects… the snobbish, condescending attitude (that I know I’m guilty of but try to mitigate) makes the Cause so hard. Consider the Walk Away movement among democrats and liberals in America – where will they go when their party left them? Either to the Republicans who they will infect, or be further radicalised by social fringes. Same with Cops. There are loads of police leaving the force due to the Zoggery. Will they keep to the Kosher Right where they’ll be worshipped, or will they go to the Dissident Right where they’ll be called pigs, mocked and hated forever no matter what they do. It’s ironic that a self-described Dissident should preach tolerance, but, y’know. Current Year. Full of LOLz.

        Anyway. This was, as another blogger called my walls of text, full-bodied comment. So, thanks for bearing with me.

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      5. Your comments are always as interesting as your articles – great reading!
        A lot can be done with respect and understanding – I always check people out not on how they treat each other but how they treat other creatures around them. For that I use the earthworm scale. I am one of these silly people who picks up earthworms when I see them struggling on the sidewalk in a puddle of water and put them off to the side before they drown. After people finishing laughing at me, only a few ever ask why I do that. Suffering is not confined to us and if we can give a little to help a creature that is infinitely smaller than us, we take a step towards understanding others.I know it sounds bizarre – I don’t do this because it makes me a better person, I do it because it is the right thing to do. I try as much as I can to take the “me” out of the equation. In a selfish, self-centered world, I stand with the worms. We are constantly faced with the choice of doing what is right and what is easy – easy is the choice most people take and not because they are inherently cruel but because to them it makes sense to look out for themselves first. Of course there is no denying there is also a lot of seeing with eyes shut out there, the swathes of humanity so chained to believing authority, others etc they simply stumble through life without realisng they are adding to the problem. Nothing changes as long as change brings nothing. No one leads by example anymore. Empty words, empty promises, lies are truth if you repeat them often enough. And the truth, well, that is sort of well, you know, that thing.
        Tolerance is a different thing – my level of tolerance isn’t terribly high; I am not a sweeping humanitarian, I find a lot of humanity frankly intolerable and dispicable for most part because the fakery in our world is out of proportion. People blame the migrants without blaming the people who started the whole mess in the first place – I know the 75000 Ukrainians in Switzerland now are here by design to serve an agenda. For my part, I will not help them but in the same breath I won’t spit on them because it is ultimately not their fault they are being used to serve someone else’s purpose. Yet I lose my nut when the self-same so called refugees have the gall to call Switzerland stingy. Then I can only say ” the door is open and you are welcome to leave…” But that of course makes me a monster.

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      6. Thanks. I do what I can.

        The earthworm bit cuts a bit close. I don’t kill bugs if it can be helped. And seeing the dessicated worms usually makes me sad. People are remarkably impatient when it comes to that. Stop to avoid crushing a turkey or squirrel en route, horn blasts. Stop to move a bug outside of the sheathing area of a wall you’re cladding, grunts and grumbles. Yes, kill the baby ducks and wall in bugs so they can breed in another man’s walls. Brilliant.

        I think of the refugees and migrants, and yes invaders, as mostly automata. They’re moved like furniture by their handlers, being sent to the highest bidder. Yes. Bidder. When I worked security I learned that on the State level, politicians have deals with foreign politicians which fiscally motivate the transference of migrants. Not the high powered criminals bartered on the national level, but that’s another can of worms, but literally city to foreign village are correspondences. They’re turning the West into a prison colony.

        Even the loud, lippy complaint-invaders are schooled by domestic weaklings. Counsellors from Catholic Charities and other asinine organizations are attached to individuals. ACLU and such mandates the assignment of pamphlets and translators which encourage civil disobedience and disrespect to cops predicated on the intrinsic racism of the system incorporating them.

        Nuts to that.

        When I speak of tolerance, it isn’t out of abounding kindness. Though I try to be kind when I can. It’s simply practical. Albeit, not the best word I grant. But without grasping the variables of a situation, one grasps at straws. Causality and all. Lack of empathy in WN has created a negative feedback loop which always yeets us back into stereotypes of brooding Nazis and such. Tolerance implies acceptance in today’s world, perhaps understanding is a better, if similarly corrupted word. One can temporarily tolerate a thing while searching for a better deal. One can understand a thing to find a better way. And so on.

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  4. The concentration on sexuality seems an age-related focus, when people remain capable of reproducing. I have never identified much with my sexuality, except to find it inconvenient. The lack of desire for children led to an orientation that prevented my annealing to any partner for long, even though I imagined I would have liked a committed partner for companionship.
    In some cultures, and in some times, age was associated with the wisdom of experience.
    Work, as it’s currently defined, minimizes the value of making a contribution to society. It is too often associated with earning power, which translates into financial income, which is a distorted approach to achieving a sense of self-worth. I suppose this is this is the current mind-set of US culture, but it flows from our history and melded belief systems.
    I believe it is worthwhile to be “good for something” but not necessarily in ways that can be calibrated in monetary terms.

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    1. That makes sense.

      Good for something… I suppose I’m painfully naïve when I believe everyone is good for something, and nobody is good for nothing.

      You’ve brought up a can of worms that may be too big for this comment field, and is worth massive consideration. And is something I mull over frequently in my personal relations. There should be, ideally, syncope, a mutually beneficial relationship between culture and labour. When being American meant something, it did because America had a Telos. An objective as a people with a soul. Frontier. Exploration. Broadening horizons.

      Every job in some way could contribute to that very Civic Nationalism. Hence, uniforms and prestige from the highest to lowest entry or exit position. Mailmen, milkmen, carpenters, hell even plumbers being the most mocked trade I know- were respected. Now? Honest work is for suckers. Civic pride is all but gone. And there is no reciprocity. Who can draw meaning from entry level work now, when it is mocked, and barely able to pay minimum living requirements?

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      1. True. It’s a large topic, intended to stimulate unpredictable (creative) thought. The idea of being “good for something” implies self-respect and respect for others, which seems a much touted but under-“grokked” quality.
        The services you mention require specialized skills and ingenuity. Plumbing, for instance, draws on so many diverse abilities as well as sheer agility and physical strength, that I marvel at the complexity of the work (having had experience with home plumbing do-it-yourself repairs).

        The old practice of apprenticeship makes sense. Education was more personally directed and less formalized, back when, or parents passed their skills down to their children.
        I imagine a past that may be fantasy, based on reading history, literature, and biography. Who can know for sure what any life is or was like?
        I figure we are all doing the best we can, given the parameters and contexts in which we live. I respect that.

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      2. Absolutely true! But despite the overhead knowledge required for plumbing, the plumber is nevertheless reduced to a low quality buttcrack joke. Oftentimes. Garbagemen are hardly acknowledged and I’m pretty sure the milkman is extinct.

        I’ve noticed cashiers and service economy workers get dumped on all the time by frustrated consumers. It came to a head for me watching men my father’s age make a game of finding reasons to yell at the teenagers at registers about every inconvenience foisted by Fauci and his ilk, whom nobody’s arms are long enough to reach.

        Spot on, I say, about apprenticeship. I more or less did that with my father. Working for him until he retires, whereupon I assume the family business. There’s nothing wrong with drawing inspiration from a potentially mythic past. I think lne of the few Nietzsche quotes I can almost manage is ‘today’s newspapers tomorrow will be like yesterday’s myths today.’ Spirit is sometimes as valuable as objective truth.

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  5. There is a lot of insight here, in the post and in the comments. As you suggest, the crux of dating and marriage really is self-awareness. Without working to be the type of person you hope to attract, without understanding your values, and without a vision for the future, there’s little hope for a successful, long-term partnership. My partner and I had both done lots of personal development work when we met at ages 31 and 24, respectively, and we *knew* almost instantly it was a good pairing. 9+ years later, we still feel that way.

    I don’t know whether you spend any time on /pol/, but my partner does and so have frequent discussions about the dysfunction of modern dating. It seems the millennial/gen z pattern is: women sleep around in their youth and take advantage of the free meals, set unrealistic standards (6’5″ & $200k+ salary & homeowner & good in bed, etc.), hit “the wall” at 30 without lowering expectations, desperately search for someone to settle down with around age 40, then shit on men for shooting them down. By then, they are no longer attractive, have put no time into personal development, are infertile, and have little to offer a life partner.

    My partner’s nephew are 19 and 13 with absolutely no interest in girls or relationships. The young women at university in 2022 are overly-sensitive, insufferable, libtard snowflakes who expect full autonomy and equality in a relationship *and* for the man to be the breadwinner, rather than allowing the man to serve as the head of household (while ideally engaging his wife in discussions). Disillusion abounds amongst young women!! And young men have given up before even trying. They have access to porn, so why bother with the drama of a relationship. It’s actually quite heartbreaking. Though, I can’t blame them.

    I think it’s wonderful that you have the opportunity to mentor young men. It’s such important work, even if you just inspire one of two individuals to be better–to work on themselves, so they can be good partners, and lead their future wives.

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    1. Thanks. I always appreciate comments. They help me process my own commentary, if that makes any sense.

      I don’t spend time on Pol, but I have a good friend who does. It sounds like a mixed bag, funny, interesting and sad. That jives with my limited experience. I never inquired who slept with who, but guys were quick to tell. Despite your lack of wanting to know. There’s a few men my age, and older, I know that have thrown in the towel. Given up. I just turned 34. That’s not super old. It’s not ideal, but it’s not quitting time. As to the women, I feel bad, because I think a lot of them realise too little too late what you’ve said, but then feel trapped. I don’t think things are over for women in their forties, though. I know a few people in that bracket who are looking to start over again. I’d imagine there are women in the same boat.

      I’ve had historically mixed feelings on the porn. But when I was a kid, it wasn’t as in your face as now. I’ve also never sought out the hard stuff, either, so there’s little I can say about it, other than past a point it makes me uncomfortable. That being said, it does seem to be out of hand, in that nobody stops at the pinup poster. But you’re right. That does seem endemic. My sperglings had a strangely romanticised image of incels, much in the way my generation was conditioned to adore diversity – glorified tolerance. The double standards are frustrating. Sadly it seems that it’s metastatised in men to where they look for the “mommy gf.” Which as I understand means they want an older woman to take care of them. Perhaps because their own parents didn’t.

      I’ve had good luck with a few people. And that makes it worthwhile. When things really work, is when someone takes something good and spreads it around. If we can condition our future replacements to understand they themselves are responsible for their next generation, and not just glorify angst, we’ll be golden.

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      1. I think Pol is definitely a mixed bag. Loads of crap with a tiny percentage of poignant, life-changing thoughts… something I certainly don’t have the patience to sift through, but appreciate having someone else filter for me.

        It’s interesting. I think women are just as keen to share their sexual exploits as men, and it’s such a strange flex. Similar to you, I’ve only had one partner… love, mutual respect, and companionship were per-requisites, and all surprisingly hard to come by. I get the impression that many people (both men and women) have self-esteem issues, lower their standards, resent themselves for settling for less, and fall into a downward spiral of self-loathing and self-sabotage. I know several people who claim to be ready for love yet keep falling for the bad apples, and they recognize the old pattern and still keep at it.

        And I see so much cynicism about love, marriage, and the opposite sex amongst people my age (I, too, recently turned 34). So many people are miserable in their marriages. And I suspect the zoomers see their millennial parents unhappy and want nothing to do with the whole relationship arrangement. It’s really quite sad. And there are few positive role models in entertainment and the media (I presume, as I don’t consume much media).

        It gives me hope that you’ve been able to reach a few young minds. I’m in full agreement with your final sentence: If we can condition our future replacements to understand they themselves are responsible for their next generation… we’ll be golden. We all need to do our part to connect with the young people in our lives–to teach them life skills, how to think for themselves, and how to relate to others.

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      2. Self-esteem, these days, is a counterfeit industry. Because it’s been made conditional, it’s typically very superficial. Something that makes folk malleable. That false esteem evaporates when one swings too far to either pole dividing the median safe space.

        I don’t do new media. And I don’t have cable. I think biggest poison of media is the feedback loop of niche markets. Commercials, forums, ads, reinforce stigmas and the opinion mill. When I got the wife to take a break from social media, mainstream tv, and so on, her tune changed. I didn’t have to do or say much after that. The power of social engineering is just that. So somebody who’s not knee deep in a bunch of forums, invested in social capital or terrified of offending the lady they only see once a year at brunch, can see something with different eyes than someone who is pressured to consume something at a different wavelength. Wife and I are watching the old Family Guy episodes for some dumb, escapist faire, neither one of us has a problem deciding what’s funny or what’s a gentle nudge of the Overton. But that might be a question of maturity, too. Some people never outgrow the need to follow, and be in the trend. Unsurprisingly, what media there is, glorifies unhappiness and puts it on a pedestal, equivocating misery with righteousness. That’s a big thing with my generation and the next. What they don’t realise is that they don’t factor on the victim hierarchy and nobody’s going to shed a tear for their trials, so they might as well do the stereotypical boomerism and up by the bootstraps.

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