Poem: Thanatophilia

Because nobody wants a little straw death, go big AND go home. Helvete waits.

Happy Wōdensdæg, all ye happy heathens of the elektroagora.

Poem: Iuga

I believe the our world ends with Entropy, that wer-eald ends long before Ragnarøk. Before this is the swallowing darkness, when the last untruth is wasted and there is no Will left to hold up untruth. The world will buck under the weight of heavy leaden lies. And perhaps that won't be the worst of it, or even so bad at all. Ragnarøk may be the labour pains of the cosmic womb rebirthing Kosmos from Khaos, that a new Order may arise - our hallowed Eōrþe.

Poem: Fruit of Idunn

I'm on a roll. Might as well eat it. Note: my vision of Eve is greatly inspired by Lanz von Liebenfels, champion of Ostara in whom he saw the face of many Goddesses.