Poem: Grendel 20/20-2

Join the "I h8 the Matrix " fanclub and help Grendel clear his name! Or not. Whatever floats your boat or sinks your dinghy. I have to attend my benchpresses anyway. Happy Wednesday.

Poem: Ode to Mars

While it cost me all my fasting glycogen, I hit 475 on the deadlift. Screw you, Tuesday blues, right in the eyes. Twice. Anyway. Man should occupy himself with overcoming obstacles. It's what Mars would have wanted. Now it's off to hump ladders around all day. Fun!

Poem: no place I know

The title has it. We all dream of places we do not know. Excuse me, my barbell is calling. Until later, happy Friday.

Poem: Œþel

It's a poem. Boom. You'll know the name better as Ethel. That's a Rune, not a sitcom star.