Pressure Points

Sunnuvawhoah (son of a whore): a Maine cuss (curse) word indicating extreme frustration, angst or disapproval. Example: “dat peeah presshah’s á sunnuvawhoah ain’t it, deah?” (That peer pressure is a son of a whore, is it not, dear?)

In the last eight or nine months I’ve seen a few folk come to a singular conclusion. By shackling themselves to often arbitrary notions of “The Movement” or particular narratives regarding medicine *Coof, coof…* they ostensibly subjugate themselves to modalities of pressure to perform which cannot exclusively be labelled peer pressure. The latter case certainly. The former case, cannot.

A common refrain becomes: I’m poisoning myself by obsessing over things I can’t change. I’m missing out on so much living. I could have been doing hobbies, improving myself. Etc. That’s true. The news-grabbling so common in Nationalism is a defence mechanism I think. A surrogate Gnostic pulse. Certainly news-grabbling gives you about as much power as, say, pursuing transcendental romantic gnosis by seeking the hypostases of the Perennial Sophia would, on a colloquially matriculated scale that is.

Less, maybe. In faith as well as social finance the pursuit of higher gnosis requires a strong mind as the deadlift a strong back and the workforce a strong neck. The output is predictable. Too much obsession with the current gives men a complex, if their complexion is in any way limp. They become twitchy, fearful things.

Nationalists become drenched in ego. The feds are coming for them and only them, and to them it truly seems to be a big deal. The fed is coming for everyone. Agent Rick probably reads this blog. That’s not a vain statement. We all have Guardian Angels that watch us pee. Not just Nationalists. It’s vain for me to think I’m special. All I am is another jackass that’s wandered off the plantation. Whatever poor bastard has to case my joint has to live with the fact he’s tapping a loser with no power, influence or organisational strength. He should quit while he’s ahead. But Agent Rick also watches Karen – Karen is well disposed enough to think she has rights, which means she could question the narrative someday. And I’m sure Agent Rick watches some Lefties too, to make sure they don’t piss too close to centre and find a dribble passes the overton window on the right.

Still. There’s an impression we all sometimes have. That by connecting to the right message at the right time, that we win something. We’re doing the right thing. It ties into the idea of White Fragility. Which, I agree we have but not for the same reasons the enemy does. It’s a cold fact we have weaknesses. There’s no shame in that. It’s nature. We won’t get anywhere we want to go by ignoring nature.

So White evolutionary psychology requires us to have consensus. The reptilian layer of the brain equates it with survival on a metacognitive level. We all know the theory. White Folk, ancient past, wicked cold Dude. I ain’t even kidding. Colder than Canada. Colder than sweet, sweet witch tits Survival meant becoming a unit. A history of Whites within broad context is part of our Hero’s Journey is recovering individuality.

I don’t care what flavour of politick we are, only mutants are able to truly agree to disagree. It’s not a virtue or a failing, just an adaptation. Consider, encoded in our epigenetics are silent memories of hard times. To survive these you don’t get to have this flimflam la-dee-dah attitude. You fall in line. Of course what do we have? Mixed cultures, mixed methods. Added to this is a message of further individualism. All reality becomes a proving ground.

But it explains why we can’t get shit done. Either consensus gets “achieved” by force, coercion or fearmongering or Whites infinitely dissolve into cliques of “well I think” based on conscientious objection. Occasionally they try to sway others. But like Varg ut Veum most go their own way. And that isn’t the worst thing in the world. What’s worse is the tendency to shit where you don’t eat. I forget which Norse king this was, but one king forbid defecation within something like X number of miles of the camp. He weren’t wrong, guy.

Ratification of conscience leads to deepening divides and eventual rationalisation of antisocial behaviour. Factionalism, etc. Because you have to justify your stances. The other implicit mechanism we hold dear is being upright. Unlike some races we justify our actions. We are also appalled by lack of justification, or revolted by poor justification.

Now, especially now, with the “Normie” world hammering hard on the “unity” I suspect like clockwork that among Nationalists the predictable, petty and flamboyant posturing will begin. Clique will fight clique over whomst is huhwhiter than White.

Years ago there was this thing. They called it a Big Tent. I missed it. I was hanging around a crowd that didn’t want in. But this Big Tent, which might be fake, a tranny and covered in depth ln the Paranormies, was where the Right was going to Unite. Richard Spencer was going to offer his soft, girly hand to Heimbach, who was going to eat it. Of course. Of course we can’t speak of things without E-Celebs.

Maybe that’s where it went wrong. The talking heads talk out their ass. And the Hoi Polloi feel they have to keep in step. The Big Tent turned out to be a bit of an inflatable bounce house and was deflating by the time I got around to joining a Pool Party. Nobody wanted to work together. Everybody wanted to infight. It was more important to invent and then sniff out the enemy in our midst. There were wise souls who said the inquisition could wait, that we should focus on ZOG rather than “exposing” everyone in the movement.

All the Inquisition did was make the case for how useless the Movement is. Was. Can be. It makes it incredibly hard for men like me to argue for the right thing, when the Movement seems to want to actively or passively betray her constituents. That’s my answer to the News. I’m unphased by the news, but want us to win. Which I think requires an inclusive Nationalism. That’s a thing I’m not sure is even possible, because fairly, many suspect it would strip them of their identities. As an English-American, or Anglo if you like, I feel that. There’s no shortage of Irish-Americans to be proud of. This used to bother me, somewhat. It’s an unproductive notion, ultimately. And furthermore, I can pursue my own ethnic interests within the broader context of Racial Nationalism. Because Petty or Ethnic Nationalism more than likely won’t save us. It could, but each ethnicity would logically need to be willing to self-actualise while simultaneously finding peaceable negotiation with other comparable ethnicities to establish common cause against extraneous threats. See above psychological criticisms.

Ergo many argue for White Nationalism. I’ve talked about it elsewhere, my critiques and compliments. Anyway. I’ve rambled enough. I’ve all but washed the wainscoting from me and am ready to schedule this for a rainy day. If I can offer any practical advise it’s this: finding common cause doesn’t mean losing yourself. You can agree without being a sycophant, you can disagree without needing to make an enemy. Maybe. Hopefully. It’s worth trying for. The enemy will NEVER see that coming.

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