The Battle for Sentience

Warning of the Triggers:

Less comparative, more panentheology. These little articles are more for others like me, post-Christian anti-nihilists in search of meaning within and beyond Tradition. As above, so below, beside and aside. That being said, my object is not to offend anybody’s sensibilities: but offence is a byproduct of conviction, be advised of this if you read further.

Nietzsche’s god is well and able to lie dead in the vacuousness of cosmic drift. Chewed apart as carrion by stellar raven’s whose job it is to bring news of his demise to the Eldest One, the god’s corpse fertilises the flowerbed of a new Creation. Sometimes this god is Aurgelmir/Ymir, it has been Tiamat, Ouranous and so many others. At the beginning of a new order is the corpse of the old.

How can it be elsewise?

And so as it was in the beginning, so shall it be in the end. Prefigurements of Natural Law, Ørlög if you like, ensure an expansion and contraction from this singularity of substance. Womb and tomb are one. Scientific principles fluctuate, and if it should pass that the Big Bang/Crunch theorem pans out, it would surprise none of ancient milieux. Creation expands, reaches a peak, and collapses in upon itself. Entropy.

But is this grim? Is entropy an agent of nihilism? No. Does a Creation imbued with supra-intelligence equivocate a purposeless cosmos as proposes by the soothsayers and doomsayers of our modern religious vacuum? Again, no.

All Nature follows this pattern. But the key seems to be that we forget regeneration in our rush to imply excess meaning. The failure of which produces the nihilism we hate. What is nihilism but the application of meaninglessness as teleological finality in absence of a different framework? It is the confession of absurdism. To each their own, but not mine.

The Ancient Myths all speak of the Kosmos as a graduating and necessary trajectory toward intellect. It is I believe the Gaia Hypothesis which preached of a planet attaining stages of awareness. Why not? Why should mankind alone bear the torch of intellect? As there are gradients of wit among men, why wouldn’t the broader genus of what we consider intelligence occupy a slot within a larger spectrum? This allows for reckoning with Gods not as mere vessels of human ego, but as intelligences of another species to whom we can aspire or detract.

It also places an onus of responsibility back in our hands. We are animals. Can we count on Gods? Naturally. As “lesser” animals can count on man. But generally it is regarded that animals are more complete in the wild. I think Gods are like that. Part of our fabric, but reliance overmuch on their intervention or nonintervention produces a vacuum.

Reliance is entirely separate than observance. One can and should *observe* the Gods. They represent man’s drive to overcome. Their archetype is transvaluation. Is this so bad? I think not. But deed, wit, and will are the only means to seek them. Faith is useless. Action, heteropraxy, is not.

Did intelligence, like Eros, spring first from the void, the Womb of the Goddess of Life, fully formed as from the head of Zeus? No. Consciousness itself evolved. Consider your youth. You grew from little to nothing into whatever it is your Wyrd has afforded Ørlög to become you.

So it seems to me, then, that the Species of Men are themselves organisms on a trajectory. Our sentience evolves, and perhaps now we are children. Our global actions betray this. War. Petulance. Greed. Ignorance. Complacence. As this is written, the world responds to tyranny by throwing collective tantrums against extensions of themselves their complacence created. These tantrums are covered in deflections, as a child might do. “But I’m not racist.” “This isn’t about X.”

t would be better to own it.

Our Species’ and Races are disintegrating under their own malaise. It is the subconscious layers rebelling. Self-mastery would be indicated by developed and articulated designs. A return to Tribes and Clans perhaps. We would all be happier. The supra-intelligence of the universe, Wyrd if you like, set us down this path. We did not evolve for no reason into Tribes and Clans. We will transcend nothing by denying nature.

Can we transvaluate morals and achieve the Overman? Of course. What kind of Yankee Perfectionist would I be denying nature? But we cannot overcome anything from refusing to engage, which is the matrix of reality we find as firstfruits. Self-Understanding comes from knowing your place. Organic evolution holds the key. Without this retvrn, no further sentience will come. Tolerance as sold involutes sentience and creates a vacuum of mental blockages.

The future, if we are to have one, is tribal.

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