Myth and Culture

Much ado is made of the Ancestors, and with due course, of course. We are here because they were there. A common quandary among Nationalists is the case of where we lie in their wake. It is commonly regarded that we are a shadow of our Ancestral glory. It is said the Ancestors are laughing at us from their graves, et cetera, und so weiter. I have found myself pushing back against this logic with my compatriots, for the utility of the claim is lacking. Even if, in what I perceive to be the two most fundamental ways it may be true. So I shall betray myself and outline the ways in which I find the claim agreeable, and further extrapolate what I perceive needs be the solution.

First of all things, there is one way in which we remain the same that causes us to stand in their shadow. And this is the preoccupation Whites have with keeping proper appearances. I tend to believe this hearkens back to unfocused group evolutionary strategy, whose concept can for now be traced back to Dr. Kevin McDonald. In that, in a tight knit community where survival is codependent, it would behove individual members to establish, adopt, and perpetrate an iron law of social governance. In this you would see specific codes of conduct, taboos, and so forth, which Whites would adhere to with stark alacrity.

This was not a problem for the Ancestors, who more often than not were in the seat of control with regards to their social development. However, when you fast forward to the Middle Ages and through to the Industrial Revolution and up: increasingly foreign influences on our social infrastructure made social allegiance similarly self-defeating. It was the white streak of egalitarianism which made this a poignantly lethal combination to our former holdings.

It may also be tacitly added that it was our very Ancestors who succumbed, en masse, to the gradated erosion which eventually revealed itself to be our modern system of control. Now, the obvious problem with this is that, as mentioned, we are no longer in the seat of control with regards to our social development. We now, as collective societies, maintain and impose normative social standards which contravene our own health as a biological unit and agent. We do this in favour of foreigners in our midst, lower achieving performers, all of which we do because of this egalitarian streak. The idea that all can be made equal. Ignorant of the fact that if indeed it shall be made so, it shall be made equally uninspiring – as we see in the Normie world where depression soars and achievement plummets.

One of the ways in which we have been impacted by this trend specifically, is that it has made us passive. Even the ultra-mega-turbo-Chads of the Alt Right proper are not immune from this particular poison. Ironically, in many ways, the Chads with their swinging dicks are often counterproductive in that they believe themselves in their aggression to be some counter-insurgency to the system. However, their acumen perfectly embodies the problem of subconscious malaise which we have been compelled to endure. Inspired by the Man-o-Sphere, MGTOW and other embarrassments, they focus their energy on women. A profound waste of intellectual resource, mind you, and thereby drag other young men into their circles and convince them that women are their prime focus. They all stagnate together.

Has a society ever been made great by a gaggle of men worrying about what women are doing?

The point of the matter is that the Chad types have enshrined entropy by another means. They stubbornly refuse to expand or alter their horizons and select targets whose intended ferocity against will accomplish precisely nothing. The Chad, having accomplished nothing and boasted much, retires to his keyboard to post memes about how awfully large his member is. RAHOWA is now, virgin keyboard commando, Chad has won it with muh dick. He has established his clique and to do so, sacrificed external influence. He becomes passive in that he is satisfied with his microcosm and to hell with the macro.

This passivity has imbedded itself in the White consciousness. This passivity is the result of our inherited belief in maintaining the status quo. This is especially true for Nationalists who have theoretically swallowed the Red Pill, or the Purple Pill, if you are a Chad. This passivity in Nationalists is exactly what compels the peculiar statement of ‘we’re not even half the men our Ancestors were.’ As if there is some sort of pride in humble pie. It is because this is the status quo, the perception is that we are somehow less, it is widely accepted on the tacit level, thus, it is maintained. Once established, comparatively few souls will seek to conquer the status quo because the illusion rests in its perceived invulnerability.

Nevermind that it is patently stoopid.

Relative to the passivity is the idea that reclaiming the past is futile. Of course, a truly big brained nibba would know immediately that the past is, in fact, subjective and can never be entirely gone. So therefore, it cannot be properly reclaimed. The past can only be redefined by its inheritance. The present, being formed of antecedents, is nothing more than a recycled slurry of past. The past is never gone, it was simply redefined away. The reverse can be engineered. Truly. When the wonders of human accomplishment are meted out and measured, there were clear and concise steps, points at which epochs were ushered in, and thoughts were reimagined. If we wanted to, we could reverse that trajectory and go. When consensus is achieved, it is hard to stop concerted momentum.

This peculiar futility among modern Whites is, of course, nothing new (sense of past-future being an illusion and all.) It has, in fact, saturated many of our cultures historically. These truths were all embodied in Myths. Something the modern moron feels entirely evolved beyond. However, what is almost universally missed by modernites is the fact that Myths were in fact, utilitarian. They contained aeons of learned truths and sublimated wisdom which would be too tiresome to convey in a stream of lessons. And who would listen? Our Ancestors had the equivalents of modern know-it-alls and comittophobes. But to charge a story full of pomp and circumstances with truths that need conveyance? You learn without trying.

Our people were made great in concordance with Mythology. Our people shared a symbiotic relationship with Mythology. Indeed, without those Myths, where would we be? We would be here. Struggling to redefine our existence so that we can survive as a biological entity future generations would recognise. We would be fighting against the knowledge that we’ve lost the will to fight as a whole, but instead exhibit erratic, cell behaviour. We fight this fight, not against an enemy that threatens us, but against ourselves. The Chad vs. the Virgin. The mighty meat guzzling madman versus the insipid soyboy. It is all so… tiresome. Yes, NatSoc versus NazBol, Alt Right/Alt Light, Renegade versus everybody, and nobody wants to talk about Renegade. It could put a woke man back to sleep. He could even die in that miserable, world weary sleep.

Why the infighting? We have no communal, common culture. Whites in this movement laugh at the question “what is even White?” It is not so foolish a question, when you consider the state of our affairs. It is why, when asked, I answer “I am.” Not to be snide, but to indicate that the core assumption must be we share a common answer. The Greeks knew. They might not have had a direct answer to what White is to anticipate the liberal regress, but I say: they did not need to. The early Greek law of race applies well to us, if we let it. There is a component, however, stronger than that Blood: the Myths.

Blood is not enough. Obviously. If we rely on the slogan of ORION or WOTAN, or any other asinine acronym, we are doomed. History proves that Nationalist in-fighting will always find a way. And it will find a way to implode over something comparatively pointless. What kept cultures together in the twain between epochs was a shared communal culture. A shared communal culture has biology like any man: organs, arteries and veins. Organs comprise beliefs and convictions, myths are the arteries that supply those organs vitality, and the veins carry micro filaments like humour and wit that make them all worthwhile.

When the Greeks expanded, when the Romans conquered, they did so because they had a holistic worldview. Gods created or inherited the universe. The universe unfolded and was governed by a Logos. Gods set the Fates to shape the lives of mortals. Mortals inherited the creation of the Gods. Everything that happened, led up to every moment. Every moment was charged with purpose. So when a Greek or Roman general gave a speech, it was know that their undertaking was set in stone by the Moiriae.

When the Teutonic and Celtic Tribes made their expanse across Europe like fauna, we went with our stories and our rituals. Our connection to Nature made exploration inevitable. The Gods upset a prior order and made Nature, they then hewed us from Nature, we were sometimes carved from wood, or shaped by clay. The Gods breathed wind into our lungs, soul, therefore, was everywhere. The Gods appointed the Norns to shepherd our fates. Every moment led to this. Always we came from the Earth, so our connection to it was fierce. It made it easy for us to spread. Why else would the Vikings have sailed across the open sea to find lands the Romans had decreed could not exist? To spite them? No. Natural understanding, in synch with the myths. We were evolving according to the stories of our people.

When you have a people that share a conviction that the world operates on X law, and that their agreement creates a bind, you have a strong people. This is a component of Ethnicity that the modern Nationalist futility, and suicidally ignores. The myths of our ancestors provided them with inspiration and transcendence.

Our myths today? Scientism, evolutionism? Atheism?? HA! Please, outline for me in a ridiculous college thesis why this is culturally inspirational. Now, if our Ancestors were here, let me tell you what would happen. They would drink this poison and become… us. How do I know this? We are our Ancestors. We bear their genes. We are recycled imitations of a reticulating process that has been occurring for untold ages. Yes, untold ages.

It is a mistaken to weaponise the Ancestors and assume their nobility would somehow safeguard them against the bulwark of modernity. I would of course like to recruit them and say that they would laugh at your keyboard Atheism, but of course, it is I who laughs because I see through the mechanisms of malaise. Some would laugh with me, others would swallow the poison and become momma’s boys and do-nothings and dope smoking clowns.

Myths are more than just Gods and Kings and Heroes. The modern man is trained in a hermeneutic of ridicule. Sensitised only to his ridiculous religion of secularism with its saints and madmen, to the exclusion of everything outside: the modern skeptic is still a fanatic. He is conditioned like Pavlov’s purse mutt to yip at any threat of content, any whisper of disagreement. He is only valid if he is questioning, doubting, analysing, dissecting. He always suspects but never trusts, he can dismantle but hardly create. This is his way, these are the signs of the cross for the sceptic, if he does not perform them in orthopraxis than his conscience will suffer. In this way, he is no different from the mewling Christian Evangelical whom modern cynicism assumes can only imitate literacy by murmuring scripture and verse. As I said, the Myths contain lessons. You would have to read them to glean them.

The lessons are often lost, but they are there. Myths provided a common framework for social development. This resulted in cohesion and agreement, as well as the ancillary motivators of inspiration and enlightenment and catharsis. They created a network of eternal return, here to be understood metaphorically and actually – for if you strayed from your people, you could always return to the comfort of belief later as Christians now still do. There was created a sense of place and purpose, relative to the Mythology, that shaped the individual Folk Soul of a people, contextually.
Evolving along these lines, it becomes easier to explain the sublimated ethnic markers which intrigue the modern anthropologist. The whys and hows of racial augmentation along tribal lines, and so forth. In short order, we owe much of the intraracial diversity we occasionally vaunt to the Mythologies that prompted their developments.

These commonalities, of course, presented obstacles, as the modern sceptic will illustrate (in his idiotic notion that pointing out the one flaw will end the conversation and save him from his purgatory.) Yes, commonality leads to conflict. If you have a specific culture you believe must be defended, you will defend it against your neighbour. Again, what then has changed? Our struggle has simply expanded to the point where it is Whites who must defend their micro-cultures not against other Whites, but an increasingly invasive generic outland.

Indeed, we see it in Nationalism. A Christian Nationalist will perhaps always feel obligated to strive against me, whom he perceives a Heathen. And ah yes, me on my, I wear the name. You can call me a Heathen, if you want – but the title is constricting. I call upon Heathen memory, but also Christian when it suits me. In this, the ORION crowd is correct, but they aim their gun at their foot and shoot when it comes to utility. We, all of us, carried our idols of Myth to the table, but we refuse to put them there on the table. We are suspicious of other Myths, as we should be, but have not evolved to realise a common myth is needed.

It is, again, the sense of commonality that intrigues us. But only when we think it is from a safe distance, hence the Mistress History. When you trace your carbon footprint back through the pages of a history book, it is typified by Kings and Heroes, that is to say, overmen, Übermensch. What are these Übermensch but reflections of the historical periods that spawned them? Some of my heroes are Radboud and Widukind, these were men who resisted the wiles of Christendom and fought to preserve their culture and tradition. Whom else do I respect? Herrmann-Arminius, who was the German who defeated invasive Romans at the battle of Teutoberg in 09AD. I can go on, list more commonly cited heroes. But I shan’t. I will instead remind you that each and all fought to expand or preserve something familiar, something similar. They were inspired by myth and legend. They fought to preserve culture.

It is a life cycle.

So now we pay lip service. We speak of the Ancestors but frequently refuse to view them as a commodity, rather than a mythology of our own. And we do, we mythologise the Ancestors. They are frequently whatever we want them to be. This brings me to my next quandary. The question of objective truth.

The stumbling block for the modernist seems to be, ironically, objective truth. This thirst for concrete, incontestable factuality is a recent graft on our psyche which imbedded itself like a tick on the cerebellum from Christendom. The mighty skeptic crowd thinks they shall free us from this curse but instead has made us a collective slave to “reason.” Reason, of course, being a convenient measure for regulating a status quo determined not by our own peoples, but a disenchanted, disconnected crowd with their own confirmation biases.

Yes. Objective truth. This too, is tiresome. Scenario: “you expect me to believe some bearded guy on a cloud is out there creating universes?” This is the trumpet sound of a fool who wishes to ignore the complexity of a thing for fear of betraying his own ignorance. Of course not! Do you actually think the Ancestors believed in a literal God named Odin who killed Giants and made habitable worlds out of their guts?

What does it matter?

It worked.

Nevermind that evolution supposes itself upon the theory that advancement and adaptation is fuelled by the corpses of foregoing, theoretically less advanced lifeforms that didn’t get to see their own Ragnarok. It is all words. And they are all words which betray a real problem. We have a thirst for objective truth, and always have, but what has changed is that we now need absolutes, which was not always the case. The placement of emphasis on the subjective made our Race great, the ability to process in dualities and multiplicities; monads, dyads, triads and up: the inherent knowledge that truth was layered, and subject to nuance.

We have been conditioned in a hermeneutic of scepticism, but our evolutionary psyche demands objective truth, and our cultural zeitgeist requires absolute fact. Would that all had grasp or irony! Yes, we are still waiting for Superman, but we have not realised he is the titular Godot for whom the eternal Irish tramp must perpetually wait. Objective truth and absolute fact are beyond mortal reason – this is true – the human mind is fallible and cannot help but twist any perceived fact to perceived benefit. Any truth we might touch, will still become a lie. But the reverse can also be true.

Our Ancestors told stories until they became true. Do you think anyone ever believed anything at first? Beliefs start with one man preaching and another man believing. There is safety in numbers, because numbers ensure survival. This is why the Greeks, from whom we inherit so much philosophy, preached a Noble Lie. The word Lie has much baggage, but we must assume Machiavelli in some instances to keep solvent in the game. If the Truth can be subjective, so can the Lie. A lie is only false inasmuch the owner knows it is wrong when he speaks it. Then of course is the question of intent. There are times when one must bend truth to achieve purpose. I say this not for me, because my mind can operate in the layers between truth, but for my Brothers who live on the flatline and do not see the intersection of Truth and Lie, the depth between the lines where subjectivity flourishes.

Here is one I shall leave you with, currently the best I can do. All our Myths have led us here. The Hellenic must reconcile Romanic. The Romanic must settle up with the Teutonic. The Teutonic must pacify the Celtic. The Celtic must entreat the Baltic. The Baltic must invite the Slavic. The Slavic must reunite the Hellenic. The circle must be unbroken. This is no lie, but if you believe it is so, can you truly dismiss the power the message might hold?

We share a history that traces backward through history and finds terminus in a long forgotten commonality, Myths we can only begin to understand. We once had a common language, and common Myths. We shared a face, we shared a home. We were once, One. We spread out, remaining similar, but different. We have come to this, with all our adaptations – we must become One, again. In the same way as before, but bearing the wisdom of the ages in mind. We must do what our Ancestors failed to do, realise a culture, a connection that does not betray what God(s) or Evolution has set us here to do.

We are all cogs in a great wheel. This wheel is Destiny by any other name, and any other means will have still brought us to this end. The Myths of the Celtic, Hellenic and Nordic peoples all share a source. Thus, the heroes of all belong to this struggle. They may not have had the knowledge to see the entirety of the struggle, but Leonidas and Arminius must set their Myths on the table – we shall take them. Theirs is now ours, for we were them, and they live in us. One, many, One.

This is our legacy, collectively. We must have the will to power to make this claim. We must be bold enough to retake Fate from the hands of malaise which has poisoned us. We recognise that malaise has many names and many faces, but we must know our ultimate enemy is disunity. It is division, it is enmity. This is strife. Any enemy of ours will capitalise upon it, they always have. This has always never changed. The American and the European shall sit at the same table – they are still European. The German and the Italian will shake hands, they are still European. They will not lose themselves in peace, but find themselves. Petty dividers must be brought into the light and dismembered. They must be dissected and understood, not to dismiss them as skeptics would, but incorporate them into the whole. Unity does not mean diversity, but diversity can exist in a unity – only to the extent that it contributes to accepted culture. Socialism, Nationalism: we know they can be hybridised. Frenchman, Englishman, we know they can be brothers.

There is one Race, many cultures. Unlike the Diversity Cult, we must understand that there is hierarchy. Hierarchy was not invented for war, but for peace. It was concocted to establish a status quo. With our intellectual resources I refuse to believe we are so effete and ineffectual that we cannot reconvene and establish a hierarchy which enshrines the Myths of All, while elevating the One. This is what will save us from becoming the ONERACEHUMANRACE that Multikulti wishes, the globalist slop with interchangeable parts. They do not understand hierarchy, only uniformity, uniformity in the tinge of muddy beige. Do we not have nuance, that we can understand these abstracts? Or have we been made into pygmies, albino cargo cultists in the new Third World?

The age of petty infighting must end. The European peoples must recognise their common origins. The layers of evolution will show us a shared heritage, and this knowledge must influence the decisions made going forward. All recognised the supremacy of Fate, of Destiny, it motivated every epoch in White history. No hurdle was ever overcome with timid scepticism and regurgitated reason, the world was conquered by belief. Belief in rectitude, belief in Gods, believe in Tribe, belief in purpose, purpose over all, survival and purpose, purpose was survival, and purpose was guided by place, by culture. If this occurs, there can be nothing to threaten our cultural solidarity, no reason to prepare for eternal strife. We can step outside the cycle of Samsara, as it were, and achieve Nirvana.

Culture is Myth, stories to live by, trends that inspire them, and trends inspired by them – they provide the framework for social fabric, without which we cannot have true cohesion, without which we shall not flourish.

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    To quote what’s left of Arnold: “Old but not obsolete. ” My views on ethnonationalism have gained nuance with regards to the question of pan, but I stand by my confession. We cannot understand Folksoul without treating ourselves as timeless organisms. There is no one hand point of evolution. The Anglo was the Englishman who was the Germanic Tribe who was the inheritor of Palæolithic Europe, who was something older than even this. The same root applies to all current European rootstocks who at some point converge on Yggdrasil, despite the unignorable differences of today. Anyways. Happy Sunday.


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