I’ve just come through to the end of No-Mow May. It’s a time where we say to Mother Earth to have us put down her trimmers and go ahead and let her go au naturel for awhile. The idea has been to save the bees, among others I don’t recall. I’m in it to green up the puckerbrush out back. Das rite, rewild Muddah Erf. Accordingly, the sweet smell of pollen has been strong. So too has the recalcitrant drive of men of a certain age furiously mowing their lawns every weekend, sometimes twice, in their stalwart defiance of a suggestion that nature be preserved.

Fuck You, Nature!!!

Nature? Who needs that ? How dare you stand between me and this arbitrary slice of kill time with basically no transcendental value that we are all irrevocably called to as if by sacrament(?)… Eh!? Pal. Nn’guy. Mm’bud. Nn’dude?

I enjoyed watching her grow. But I did not enjoy trimming her later. Chiefly because the suicidal chickens from next door did what they do best. Chase me down when I mow.

Fuck You, Human!

Whatever. The increased health and vigour of my slice of earth aside, this was a fair to midland segway into my main point. Tradition! Lawn mowing is a classically American pastime. Railing against mowing is a revolutionarily nationalist pastime. Both are traditional, and like many traditions they conflict. So why all the huff about tradition? Is it the final answer in morality for Perennialist Dissidents?

We hear it all the time. Whatever controversial thing can be discussed, will be attacked or defended on “Traditional” grounds. I don’t care what it is. Music, art, choice in partner, food, vehicles, political spectrum. All have traditional grounds with options for infinite diversion. Friendships are built and lost, alliances forged and ruined, groups formed and dissolved – over Tradition. Is there a universal final answer in Tradition?

I’ll come out and say “no,” with the caveat that Tradition is still highly important. And probably inescapable. Even if it ought not be the only final answer. The reason being is that Tradition is malleable. In the same way there is a tired Scriptural debate adjacent to Christendom because you can make the Bible say anything, you can find a Traditional argument to justify virtually anything. This is probably why “Appeal to Tradition” is listed as a logical fallacy.

What do then? Rather than create conflicts of interest, we could create interest from conflict. Groups could be formed around personal interests. They should. Interests in this world, if honest, are defended from commercialism and globalism. It’s why it’s so easy for fringe elements to bond around interest, when one is shared. Tradition is formed in a wellspring of agreement. Your group should be at the bare minimum able to agree to disagree. Preferably you’d see functional agreement on fundamental aspects: morality (views on gender relations, work ethic, interpersonal hygiene, etc), as well as culture (music and art that members can bond over, holidays or remembrances, etc), and all manner of thing.

You’ll note I’ve left out religion and politics. The reason being is that they aren’t the end all be all. A Christian and a Pagan can have more in common than a Catholic and a Protestant, some days. A Pagan has more in common with a Gnostic than a Catholic and a Catholic, other days. Nationalism as an umbrella is fundamentally useless because every Tom, Dick and Asshole figures he knows better than the 14 Words.

He doesn’t.

But like Protestantism, Nationalism has a knee jerk to infinite schism. Alt Right, Catboy, NatSoc NazBol, WigNat, to name a precious few. If that weren’t enough there are even subdivisions in some of the above. I guess there’s an Alt Lite. NazBol has various degrees of dedication. So unless one can agree on an absolute platform, even well meaning politics can become an albatross. Ergo the 14 Words. You’d think that would be hard to mess up, but as the trailer folk I couldn’t wait to get away from as a child would say “they’re dumb enough to fuck up a wet dream.” Vulgar, but applicable.

Easy, right? You’d be forgiven to think so.

And yet here “we” are. Debating optics, arguing autistic political programmes. The “Movement” tends not to move very far because of all the impractical infighting. Perhaps an applicable solution is to infest the existing structure while accounting for its likely collapse. Because it seems to me that planning for the rise of a glorious empire à la Spencer is a bit foolhardy when you can’t get a gaggle of a hundred men to prioritise without getting outliers like the Cuckbox, FinDom and a variety of other bits of spent shells for the enemy to throw at us after we’ve shot ourselves in the foot. Twice. With the gun that Agent Rick

Blah blah blah, blah blah.

But on the other hand, there’s no Continuity of Culture without Tradition. That’s a simple fact. Today we have a culture bent on abandoning tradition. With each generation the artificial generation gap widens. Why? The deviation of culture and trend accelerated, oscillates or otherwise takes the goalpost and moves it. Nothing in ZOG’s world is relatable in any meaningful way. And so of course, whether consciously or subconsciously you have an intense thirst for RETVRN to Tradition.

I think a problem is that the cart gets put before the horse and the horse was never drafted to push. You see this a lot. A group gets together and creates traditions. Sometimes out of nothing. Other times they borrow from a foreign wellspring. They seen artificial and contrived, because they are. Forgive me, but traditionally traditions are passed down over generations. Their strength is in antiquity, or sentimentality which over time strengthens until it is perpetuated by antiquity, which in turn enables sentimentality. These components are important, lacking them spoils the soup.

That’s why I reef on picking up where we left off. A New Englander has New England traditions to pick up on. And there are so many possibilities that afford a man an unwavering conscience in surprising places. And if one abandons the inherently useless hermeneutic that true nationalism ‘only’ occured in the Hitler-Times, or any other arbitrary time-slot, one finds an enormous wellspring to draw upon. But when you hem yourself into specific time frames, you lose clout with anyone who doesn’t share your taste in costume parties. You’re no longer supporting your people, but a genre.

Nationalism can seem inherently contradictory, but it doesn’t have to. A New Englander can follow in Longfellow’s footsteps and assemble a spiritual fasces of various paganisms surrounding a Gnostic core. Such a variegated spirituality would suit the modern sperg. As well as many other temperate New Englanders who are “spiritual but not religious” and thirst to touch their roots. Besides which is that there is a long tradition of New Englanders keeping tabs on Britain, and at least in Maine, Yankee Intellectuals keeping up with Europe. It was once more commonplace for a Yankee man of letters to speak several languages, like Longfellow or Chamberlain. Some find inspiration in the dialectical letter mongering between Lovecraft and Howard. Thoreau’s transcendentalism and our regional ecofascistic tendencies wouldn’t hurt someone who might otherwise shout Uncle Ted’s gospel from the nearest power line and scare away the women and children. People thirsting for adventure legacies can’t hurt themselves to remember that New England began as a wild frontier. We came on ships. We do not need to bedraggle ourselves wishing we wuz Vikings – because we were, in our way, and that reflects in English maritime tradition. Which gave us our Puritan stock. Furthermore, East Anglia was dominated by the Danelaw, and so a literal Viking graft was had. So it goes. Hence we saw a Viking revival even in far flung Victorian Era New England. (don’t forget, even after the break-off from Great Britain Yankees kept a playful tab on British life and culture.) Despite religious pretense, adventure was common to Puritan as well as Cavalier- of whom each have traditions which impact us even today, and have led to the shaping of the Eastern Seaboard- North and South of the Line.

You might not be a New Englander. If you’re not, I’m sorry I didn’t have more to offer. But where you are has traditions. If you’re from Away, take note, integration is a White Tradition, as is assimilation. Come to new England, but under the auspice that you’ll become a better Yankee than a local. Your presence multiplied shouldn’t spell the end of local kultur. Localism can breed a strength you can’t glean from anything else. It’s not about imposition, but integration. Drawing on local traditions, even if currently defunct, still draws you closer to the land than the artificial and contrived. It’s blood AND soil. One impacts the other, and can work in two directions. Localism will ground you, whereas the pointlessly esoteric will serve to drive wedges between you, home and comrades.

And if you don’t think there’s a thirst for Retvrn, I have a bridge to sell you. It will take you to Israel where you belong. One has to go no further than what’s trending, and subsequent subversion patterns. The extreme popularity and subsequently extreme subversion of shows like Vikings give us an inkling as to what Whites feel we’re missing. Then you have Lord of the Bling, Arthur and the Kangz of the Round Tabloid, black Queens of England, Beogroid and so many other blackwashed White epics. Obviously we can’t be allowed to see ourselves in our histories, because currently this is where our power lies. The present has been largely disempowered, if not outright suppressed. Know, they’re aiming for outright neutering. But it remains.

On any given day, the Media-Industrial Complex knows White Folk are singularly and potentially collectively 1-5 steps away from asking those inconvenient questions which would lead them towards asking more questions or feeling feelings leading them toward Racial In-Group Preference. That all education has rallied around White Guilt, CRT and so forth betrays the fact that unwhites have greater faith in our inborne problematicism than we have. And it’s not for nothing, with being selfless comes a lack of self-awareness among Whites and a tendency to put the collective first. Previously these collectives were England, America, Germany- when Whites were nationalised. Before this it was tribe and locality, where I think we’re strongest. It’s no secret that should Whites collectivise their Whiteness to the exclusion of globalism, that this would be very, very bad for the powers that be.

Still, it remains that Tradition can warp. Which is why it’s important to recall underlying modalities of morality commonly held. Structures against murder, theft, etc. Basic underpinnings of morality bind different traditions like a chain. Even if, traditionally, they’re interpreted different. For example, Roman honour and Viking honour were similar but different. Germanic honour hither the Viking age deferred from Scandinavian honour. But both Nordic and Roman honour differed from, say, Spartan honour- which most of us would have trouble recognising.

Ultimately, morals are a component of natural law, whose object is to strengthen an ethnic unit. Which may explain their likeness, and subsequent variations. But they’re a pretty solid indicator nonetheless of societal viability, in that strict divergences tend not to survive.

I’ve smunched enough into this thought. Maybe the thought train is helpful, maybe it’s not. But it’s what I’ve got for now.

Make America New England Again Dammit!

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For good or ill, Mr. Man is here to stay.

6 thoughts on “Tradition

    1. Yes. Yes indeed. That’s the best thing I learned from Asatru. You have a last, best Destiny: but it’s your choice to work with your own Fate. You can choose to make a mess of everything, or you can choose to see the signs pointing where you must go. Not to faerie tale endings (in the modern sense.) But towards the best and strongest self, which isn’t always the richest, most loved or even particularly comfortable. But that’s enough yayas from me. I’m going to go get mocked by Scots for being short, and see if the genealogical society has managed to make me Scottish yet.


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