Folk Soul

Folk Soul= Phenotype + Isolation x Generation

It has been brought to my attention that I frequently use words and terms, assuming the familiarity of the one with whom I speak to them. In this instance I should like to discuss the term “Folk Soul.” As a means of prefacing what follows with honesty, I should like to note that (to my knowledge) there is no strict consensus regarding the term. Which, I suppose, puts us on an equal plinth with any other word demystified into oblivion by compulsively cynical, obsessively novel modernity.

In my travels I first encountered the term FOLK SOUL during my forays into Asatru. As time rolled on, I became aware that theirs is an adaptation of convenience from Jung to elaborate upon a supposed belief of the ancients. Of this I will remind you the Roman maxim, “Fortuna favours the bold.” So in this instance it cannot be denied Asatru the elevation of the Folk Soul as a concept to which many Whites would do well to attend.

What is the Folk Soul?

It is an intertangled notion which, like many wikipaedia articles, requires finite disambiguation. First you must understand another notion, again, in Asatru (and elsewhere) called Metagenics. This is the idea that memories and inclinations are carried down genetically, and may, among other things, explain sense of déjà vu, persistent recurring dreams and so forth. This idea and sentiment is, in fact, echoed in Christendom as Heathendom albeit couched in more piety. In the Biblical Theological system it is supposed that God visits iniquities and blessings through generations. The sublimation of this, the idea I want you to walk away with, is that what you do in your life incarnates in your child’s life. The core of Metagenics is the belief we have of ancients’ and their religion is they felt Reincarnation occurred lineally. Through generations.

I have been told this belief is pseudoscience on no shortage of occasions. I would first ask what consensus there is to be had in modern science where it has always been to a degree politicised, I would then ask if it is not secondly true that all scientific advances began as prompt pseudoscience? I digress. Consider the fact that your actions impact your genetic structure immediately. It has been observed that avoidable diseases are routinely transferred from father and mother to son and daughter based upon nothing more than the track record of their obscenely selfish lifestyle choices. Foetal alcohol syndrome, certain strains of asthma, I have heard awful stories of sexual diseases impacting child health.

Your body is a temple, but it is not *your* temple. Whether you say it is a Temple of Fate, or God(s) or the Holy Ghost, the ALL or the Ether makes no difference. The ultimate conclusion is that your physical matrix is nothing more than an embodiment of continuity in a much, much, dare I say incomprehensibly larger framework. All you do sends ripples in time, all you are affects what comes. It reminds us of the Nornir and Moirai, of whom there are three chief and many followers. PAST (Urd), Verdandi (Being, becoming, Present,) and Skuld (Should, Future.) You are, but you are becoming – your soul belongs to Verþandi. Your parents were, because of them you are, they are with Urþr. Your children will be, or they are becoming, they are with Skuld. You will see that at a certain point, all these threads intersect and are one. The Norns drew from one well, you shall understand.

Materially and spiritually, you are your family. I cannot impress upon you how tragically beautiful this truth is, that the same seed of life exists at different times, intersects, replays, continues and rears for as long as life is there to support it. It is being. Our Teutonic forefathers called it WYRD. It was their word for fate.

But alas. I am not an Orthodox Pagan. I have no claim to “righteous authenticity” or any of this. I scry the waters of my own soul for the truth. This I do because I know it is what our Ancestors, our Forefathers would have wanted. How can I not? If I am to be called an honest man? For the most factually based of arguments a religionsman will give, are still his own opinion. Truth can be denied six ways from Sunday, or be embraced for all the wrong reasons. It matters not to the Objective, Objectivity does not care for your opinion. And you would do well to remember this when next you hear the belligerent ranting of the truthful whose shrill cry approximates the orgasm of an egotistical banshee.

So we return. I should hope I have at least bidden you consider the existence of a divine chain of Being. Should you extrapolate upon this observant, empirically palpable divinity embodied in Nature and open yourself to the God(s) is within the purview of you and your chosen fates. As to the Folk Soul…

There has ever been the notion that SOUL and SPIRIT have functional layers. In the Pagan and Heathen networks much work has been done to dissect them wherein the monotheistic and Abrahamic traditions, the role and value of faith in core literature overshadowed that discourse. This is not to say that latter Christian Theologians (inspired by a dormant Aryan pulse) have not made incontrovertibly valuable studies in this direction, for they indubitably have. As an aside, Soul is often defined as your rational faculties, or mind akin. Spirit by contrast has come to be understood as your anima, your life force.

Jung introduced the concept of archetypes, though in truth they enjoyed a lofty pre-existence under different nomenclature before Saint Carl there. This idea also tied in to the concept of a Universal Soul, which had been implicit in Heathendom and Christendom but had never required steps into the explicit until the Prophet Nietzsche committed accidental vehicular manslaughter against Yahweh while driving down the road to Hell.

The universal soul reminds us of earlier Christian Theological precepts that insisted there were different kinds of soul. Or, the Soul of Man differs from the Soul of Beast. This sentiment, like many classically Christian, was previously classically Pagan and should remind us of the value of a sublimated racial spirit. Christendom, as we may argue, is syncretistic as was the Imperial Religio Romana that preceded it, alongside Hellenismos which also lent inspiration… as did Gnosticism which furthermore contained hidden gems of wisdom from the ancient Aryan pulse and beyond.

I promise, friends, that my infinite array of digressions comes to a temporary halt beginning with this next period. If the Universal Soul is the Soul of Man in general, than it follows that the Folk Soul is the collective soulish quality imbued and imbedded in various ethnic charges. You often hear of dry Anglo humour, German engineering, Italian passion, Irish temperament… and so forth. This usage of stereotypes is a veiled understanding of archetypes. That is all a stereotype is, friend, an archetype viewed through turd-stained glasses. The rose tinted lens brings you to the Folk Soul proper.

The Folk Soul is a quasi-religious concept which stands to sublimate a sociological understanding of transferrable culture. Consider the presence and acceptance of Archetypes and apply them. We accept Evolution for a fact, yet does it not also stand that if Evolution produces Race than it necessarily promotes individuated culture? This explains variation and striation intraracially. Previously in pre-Boazian anthropology was common the precept that the White, Aryan or Caucasian RACE has three distinct sui generi from which the modern abstraction hailed. You had then the Nordic, Alpine and Mediterranean substrates. This was a scientific attempt to explain intraracial variance.

If the cultures inherent to the Nordic Race exhibit specific traits, they must have been internalised over the course of their cultural isolation and evolution. It is not an unfathomable notion, that isolated Scandinavia developed specified traits before exposure to Celtic peoples, let us say. If the Teutonic Folk distinguished themselves from the Celtic Peoples, there must have been a mechanism.

So. I shall propose a pseudo-scientific solution. Folk Soul = Isolation + Phenotype x Chronology. A village in Bavaria distinct from a township in Munich may share overarching racial characteristics but will doubtless display tics and anomalies unique to their breeding strain. They will have individuated superstitions, food customs, dance and most tellingly, regional affectations to their speech.

It is why Maine, my Heimatland, has (had) a distinct character from New Hampshire, my favourite State to visit, and Massachusetts where my ancestral American identity was forged (myself being the first Maine-born citizen of my familial line.) My personal example is this: I live in Southern Maine, but was raised by people who hailed from Massachusetts. I have a kind of linguistic schizophrenia which affects how I speak – my accent fluxes in and out depending on stimuli. I do not, to my chagrin, have an ‘authentic’ Maine accent because I have heard a combination of Maine, Massachusetts and boring-as-hell-generic-TV-American accents my whole life. My Grandmother (maternal) had the thickest and most pronounced affectation for accents. My Grandfather (paternal) had a noticeable flair for his accent, but it was subdued owing his past as an engineer, business and educated man. Both my Mother and Father betray themselves occasionally. My Mother has more of my Grandmother in her accent than my Father has of my Grandfather. Regardless, in my schooling, it was tacitly implied that a native New England accent makes you appear hick-like and so all indicators were strongly discouraged. As a result, many men in my age group have utterly indistinct voices which are loathsome and boorish. So, in fact, despite that I was born in Maine, calling myself a Mainer and being proud to so do, many of my characteristics are Massachusettian and I find myself oddly soothed by hearing a thick accent from a neighbouring ‘Masshole.’

New Englanders are famous for their characteristics. Each State has a special reputation for her citizenry. The Massachusettian is supposedly loud, mercurial and clannish. The Mainer is supposedly reserved, slow and clannish. The Massachusettian supposedly waxes nepotistic, while the Mainer theoretically waxes meritocratic. It is a basis, it is a rule which as a law is defined by exceptions, but I have found the metric quite satisfactory. The resultant irony is that my own family waxes nepotistic but must justify this meritocratically. Or pretend that nepotism has not occurred.

Your Folk Soul is the embodiment of a secure, stable and objective cultural engagement which shapes your early years. In more ancient times, when isolation guaranteed ‘relatively’ stable cultural evolution you see the gradual development of myth and folklore. As interdependency began to define extra-ethnic relations globally, you see a concomitant decline in the formulary of folklore and developing myth. The cycle appears to resume again during the medieval period when Europe was (at times uncomfortably) united under the broad umbrage of Christendom. While I make no claim that European Christendom was perfect or even ideal, it was effective in producing grounds in which the Folk Soul could flourish.

Your early years are when the bases of your THOUGHT and MEMORY (Odin Allfather’s chief messengers) are defined and developed. The framework for who you become is enabled by your formative years. Your fears and proclivities are commonly engaged through these years and the rest of your life is dedicated to sorting out those powerful messages you absorbed whilst lacking the wisdom to internalise them fully. However, if you missed the boat in childhood to experience this stability it is likely you became an erratic, unsure and sceptical adult. Thus, where your early learning is to a degree an automated and organic process enabled by your environment, it is vital to supply children of this age with a stable environment. Our current debacle is perfectly simple in light of this understanding, as is the solution.

We live in an unsure era, where education changes generationally with rapidity and stupidity. Parents, with faith in the system, fail to surrogate what the system refuses to. Thus, children develop in a cultural vacuum which feeds into the designated cynicism that our (((enemy))) has engineered to keep us atomised, depressed and malleable. In a sense, they have numbed the Folk Soul. The resultant effect is that the Sons of Europe grow up with yearning, but due to the learned cynicism I discussed elsewhere in this blog, they cannot embrace what their instincts lead them to.

How often do you hear: “I just wish I could go back to (insert period here)________?” Often. Too often. In America, the Folk Soul was previously largely satisfied by geographic and regional culture. But our enemy has stolen that too, they have globalised America’s subethnic strata and reduced us to compartmentalised blobs and infinitely replaceable cogs. Surely, diversity is our greatest strength, in which no security can ever be attained for not even childhood is safe from distemperate maladjustment.

It is thus imperative for Nationalists with real world connections to rally together, and with CONSCIOUS EFFORT determine which values, stories, heroes, legends, histories, music, art and media shall be prevalent among them. The utilitarian aspect of this is that the unconscious learning curve involved with early age development incurs a very real trait; the lessons learned permeate being and are themselves internalised in a way that older age learning cannot effectively replicate due to increased psychological factors. If the next generation, raised in such a consistent environment, replicates this structure, in several generations I submit you would see a return of cultural solidarity and development.

After all, the contrary is most applicably true. Mass acceptance of individualism has within several generations produced a society which is atomised, degraded, uncertain and apathetic.


Go read your books, Goy, Heathen, Christian, Skeptic, go: read, absorb, understand and be. Develop, exposit and ascertain, postulate, refine and recreate. It is not hard, it can be done. I promise, and so do our dead Forefathers who spent generations building a bunch of things globalism threatens to destroy.



Hopefully you have enjoyed reading as I have enjoyed writing. If you feel I have missed any point in my work, if you wish me to clarify anything, or if you feel compelled to bring something to my attention: please, do write me below. I am open to criticism and suggestion, or even idle banter. I appreciate your patronage.

(rhymes with) Seax

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