Poem: Devourer of Worlds

Having so long waited Kali screamed

lust and rage and vengeance

as she danced upon his shattered bones

flicking tongue spitting gore

memories of the blood that thickened 

like so much pudding in her mouth

the corpse of her vainest enemy

with no ichor left within his neck

Kali pumped Lord Shiva’s heart

broken by her wicked grip

there within her bloody fist

and gorged upon his sacred meat

desperate for the soma there 

she found there endless hunger met

and could not stop herself

stripping flesh off from the bone

glutting on each tender cut

Vishnu, Shiva, Gods and Men

Kali Maa, devourer of worlds

Vast Mother

grew too heavy to dance

swallowing what lived and breathed

licking, smacking lips, serpent’s tongue

hiding trapped souls down her gullet

she squatted down to meet her feast

until satisfaction drug her down

too pampered by her fleshy faire 

to bear up on her haunches

thus she sinks down low and slow

there seated on a sea of skulls

she feared of nothing left to eat

but still the hunger churned her

 dark flame giving up no light

from a sun no eye can see

blacker than her heart

a bottomless pit filled oft with yearning

so with her glinting cutlery

she gashed the sky in twain

drinking in the atmosphere 

as if it were more blood

swallowing the moon and stars

pulling planets down to sup

a leavened bread from rising sun

she filled her gaping maw

drinking seas and chewing land

mixing blood and drool with time

until all that’s left was Earth itself

a wasted hollow husk

upon which lay the Goddess couched

where thusly bloated made her bed

yawning with sublime relief

and took her timeless rest

sighing with smug satisfaction 

smiling of her greatest deeds

recalling her excesses

intoxicated, and so drunk with power

and yet so powerless in her self 

a slave to her indulgence 

she lay entrapped by prophecy’s bed

unable to escape the fugue

to rise and walk was far from her

she offered no pretences 

there she closed her eyes and slept

a deadened sleep with no resort

dreaming dreams of splendid things

her swollen body grown and full of life

which so meekly sought for freedom

but such a song we cannot sing

it shall be told another time

for in her gluttonous wake came peace

a quiet on the cosmos

as fearsome Kali tamed herself

made meek through brute catharsis

so the worlds entombed within

furrowed in her womb

waiting for their dear release

alas, the dawn of time

absented from her longing gazes

once again sweet life would grow

until refreshed she would awaken

Kali Maa, and eat the world


20 thoughts on “Poem: Devourer of Worlds

      1. I’m not good with remembering details but Shiva is one of the three for destruction, maintaining, and creation. Shiva (destroyer), Brahma (creator) and Vishnu (preserver). Most of my posts were for school which is why they are written in academic language. I’m glad to be finding my true voice again after so much academia.

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      2. I studied Theology at a catholic college. It applies remarkably well to NW European Paganism, removed from Christian terms. Great grounding, with a little world religion sprinkles. It equipped me to make a rational bridge over an emotional gap to find some spiritual direction. And it enhanced my long distance appreciation for Vedicism.

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      3. So cool – my base is in education, but my PhD is mythological studies. I loved it – religion, literature, and psychology all rolled together.


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